Citizens is a game made by BreakfastSquadand published by EA for the PC and Mac in 2013 and as a standalone game on Linux in 2014. The game is about virtual people, called Citizens, trying to live life.


All cars come in the colors of the rainbow, plus pink, black, and white.

  • Folkswagon M80
  • Huegatti Gayron
  • Shovy Ralidu
  • Cord F1
  • Dollota Taco
  • Lesburu Tundraer
  • Mobza R2-D2
  • Jerp Grande Karoke
  • Monday Co-Pilot
  • Crisla Seabreeze
  • Nexus 9001
  • Activate Myth
  • Lion 21


  • Starvation: If a Citizen goes without food for 30 in-game days (3 hours irl) They will die.
  • Thirst: If a Citizen goes without water for 3-14 in-game days, depending on their vitality stat, they will die.
  • War: If a Citizen goes into the military, a few days later they will come back deaf, blind, both, or dead.
  • Fire: If a Citizen tries to cook with low cooking skill, sets off fireworks wrong, or lights a fireplace wrong, their house/apartment will light aflame and eventually set fire to them. If not extinguished, they will die.
  • Drowning: If a Citizen is trapped in water, their needs will still go down. If the Energy stat goes all the way down, they will pass out and die.
  • Sinkhole: If a Citizen falls in a sinkhole, they will die.
  • Stress: If a Citizen becomes too sad, they will die.
  • Crushed: If a Citizen is hit by a car, crushed by a steamroller, or smashed with a large object, they will die.
  • Animatronics: If you work at the pizzeria called "Bearboy's Pizza Plaza" and stay the night, Bonnie from FNAF will come and kill you, accompanied by Freddy's jingle and the XScream.
  • Suffocation: If a Citizen is suffocated by another Citizen, gets trapped in a chest, or goes into space without a helmet, they will die.
  • Explosion: If a Citizen sets off a pressure cooker or puts a sword in the microwave, it will explode, killing them.
  • Lava: If a volcano erupts and a Citizen touches the lava, they will die.
  • Disease/Allergies: Every Citizen starts out with one of four allergies: pollen, peanuts stings or none. If they come in contact with an item corresponding to their allergies, they will get a disease and die.
  • Smoking: If a Citizen smokes too much, they will die. Additionally, if the mother smokes and has a baby, there is a 1/128 chance for the baby to die from smoking at birth.
  • Old Age: If a Citizen gets past the elder life stage, they will die. This is one of two deaths that people cannot be resurrected from.
  • Murder: If a Citizen is stabbed or shot by another Citizen, they will die.
  • Hypothermia: If a Citizen does not put on the proper clothes during Winter or a frost, they will die.
  • Death Sentence: If a Citizen is caught breaking the law, there is a 5% chance for them to be sentenced to death and die. This is one of two deaths a Citizen cannot be resurrected from.
  • Car Crash: If a Citizen in a car hits another car on the road, both will explode and anyone nearby will die.

DLC Paks

  1. Citizens Online Servers (2013): Added online support and servers, along with death by connection error.
  2. Citizens Vacation (2014): Added vacations, which cost thousands of Citizenbux for one.
  3. Citizens Supernatural (2014): Added zombies, werewolves, fairies, elves, witches/wizards, dragons, hobbits, and other things from Dungeons & Dragons and Lord of The Rings.
  4. Citizens EDU (2015): Added Citizens University and other colleges, along with more jobs.


  • Scientist
  • Gamer
  • Artist
  • Teacher
  • Professional Athlete
  • Architect
  • Chef
  • Waiter
  • Priest
  • Photographer
  • Soldier
  • Hacker
  • President
  • Grocery Clerk
  • Clothing Designer
  • Salesman
  • Meteorologist
  • Biologist
  • Youtuber
  • Editor
  • Goverment
  • Landlord
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Angler


  • Nothing

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