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Current design by Exotoro (tbc)
Full Name Ciriesta
Current Age As old as time itself
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Female
Species Zodiac Spiritial
Current Status Alive
Class Good
Main Weapon(s) Celestial objects and weapons
Ability/ies Immortality, summoning celestial objects (like stars or meteors), telekinesis, time-bending
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance Journey into the Stars (Fantendo - Journey episode)
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Ciriesta is a celestial deity, and the unofficial "12th member" of the Zodiac Spiritials, a group of 11 celestial deities that watch over planets and make sure they aren't destroyed. Ciriesta, while not an official Zodiac Spiritial, is the one who watches over the galaxies and planets, to make sure they aren't destroyed by oncoming asteroids or rivaling solar systems. However, when Ciriesta's comrades revolt and Ciriesta fails to prevent them from destroying Imperium, a planet that keeps the bonds between time, space, life, and planets steady, the Cosmic Kingdom falls and Ciriesta is banished to Earth, where she takes a more human form and meets a fellow fallen spirit, Leo, who was banished long ago. Unable to return the Zodiac Kingdom, she travels Earth trying to defeat the Spiritals invading Earth on a spaceship, staying in contact with Leo.


During Earth's creation, Ciriesta's status is unknown, as she supposedly never began helping the Spiritials for a couple of million years. However, at some unspecified point in time, following Leo's banishment to Earth, Ciriesta's talents were acknowledged by the Spiritials, and she was recruited to watch over the stars for slips in balance. And so, all was well, with the kingdom being run by the Celestial Overlord quite well, with the Spiritials as his army.

However, Ciriesta soon gains knowledge of a plan formed by Gemini to defeat, overthrow, and banish the Overlord to outside of the universe using combined celestial power of the Spiritials, and the planet of balance, Imperium. Ciriesta attempts to warn the ruler about the upcoming revolution, but she soon finds she is too late, as the Overlord is swiftly defeated by Scorpio and Cancer. The two send the Overlord to another universe, where he cannot return, and the two capture Ciriesta and bring them to Gemini, who, after realizing she caught wind of their plan, uses his powers to banish her and send her to Earth.

Ciriesta wakes up in a corporeal body, realizing she had been sent to Earth. With her powers greatly weakened but gone, she finds out that she has been sent to 2026, in present-day New York City in the summertime. After wandering the city for a moment, she finds that Lunaraithes—monsters that were held and taken care of by Taurus in the Earth's moon, were let loose into the streets and were attacking civilians. Ciriesta, with what power she has left, defeats most of the monsters, but is almost defeated by one when it is blown away by a young may who introduced himself as Leo, the banished 12th Spiritial. After making an agreement with the charming deity, Ciriesta goes on a multi-dimensional and multi-timeline adventure to defeat the Spiritials, who've made it their mission to destroy the only remaining source of balance in the galaxy left, the planet Earth and its massive number of timelines and dimensions.


Ciriesta is a mystery with her personality: she can be both an avid learner and a distant warrior. She is proper and polite, and she always treats everyone—even her enemies—with respect. However, this spirit is often damaged with realization: the realization, to be exact, that one day she'll be forced to watch her favorite planets burn and die out, and that everything she cares about—with the exception of herself and the kingdom—will disappear someday. As such, she can come off as solemn and cold often, but she never means any harm in this fashion.

Powers & Abilities

Ciriesta's abilities mostly involve the usage of STARS: STARS are tiny remains of burned out stars and suns that, often using heat energy, can inflict damage on those who touch them with bare skin. Ciriesta's STARS can be formed and shaped in many ways: most commonly, her STAR blade, which are made out of 100 STARS and 1 AZURE STAR (rare variations of STARS that can only be used by Ciriesta), is used as her most common Melee weapon. Other weapons can be made out of STARS, too, like a spear, dagger, bow, and even an axe.

STARS can also be used to summon celestial objects to hurt opponents too, though these summons also cost STARS: these summonable objects range from weak sun flares to large asteroids: the damage and range that these objects cause affect the amount of STARS needed to summon the object.


Fantendo - Journey

Ciriesta's first canonical appearance in any type of media is in the Fantendo - Journey episode known as Journey into the Stars. Here, her ship is attacked and shot down by an arrogant scientist known as Francis Lesticia while trying to search for the Spiritials, who steals some of her blood to obtain her powers. Ciriesta crash-lands in the characters' backyard, and eventually meets the main cast, as well as Helen Rizzo.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Ciriesta is set to appear in the massive crossover event of Phase 2 of the New Fantendoverse. Her role in its story, as well as her playstyle, is currently unknown.



Helen Rizzo


  • She went through two different names before her official name, Ciriesta, was chosen.
    • The original name for her was Lesticia, but this name was quickly scrapped.
    • For a much longer period of time, her name was Constelia, which was scrapped because, according to her creator, "it was too similar to Rosalina".
      • These two names were eventually referenced to in her debut appearance, as the villain of Journey into the Stars is named Lesticia, and Constelia was slipped in as a joke.


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