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The young circle creature who loves to save the day.
Full Name Circ Scribbleton
Current Age 10
Gender Male
Species Circle
Location TBA
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Scribble Sword
First Appearance Doodle Quest
Latest Appearance Doodle Quest
Circ is a hero who first appeared in the game, Doodle Quest. He resides in the quiet town of Scribblesville, which is part of the giant Planet Sketchpad.


Circ can be a bit timid at times, but with the inspiration of friends, he can take on (almost) any challenge. He can be bold and daring, but sometimes not. More to come later!


Circ's design may be simple (just a circle with a face, arms, and legs), but that may be because he is a living doodle! More to come later!


Throughout his adventures, Circ gathers many tools he uses in combat. However, his main weapon is called the Scribble Sword. It works like a normal sword, but when the weapon is at its most powerful state, it can create odd doodles to help Circ fight.