Cilvia Monsters is a series of video games that started in 1990. It was orginaly developed by an indie company that would later become Beanstalk Inc..


  • Cilvia Monsters (NES, 1990): Join as two humans with the Monsers of Cilvia to end TerrorTerror's destructive reign! (Second in storyline order)
  • Cilvia Beasts (SNES, 1994): Adventure through Cilvia to recover all the rare monsters of Cilvia trapped by an new villain Captain Doom. (5th in storyline order)
  • Cilvia Beasts 2 (N64, 1997): Find the parts to build a wall to keep a young TerrorTerror from destroying Cilvia with his new empire! (1st in storyline order)
  • Cilvia Staduim (GBC, 2000): Battle with the Cilvia monsters to beat the championsip and win treasures! (6th in storyline order)
  • Cilvia Defenders (GBC, 2001): Join the Defenders squad and defend Cilvia! (3rd in storyline order)
  • Cilvia Defense Squad (GBA, 2001): As you continue to battle in the Defenders squad, you are captured and must escape from the grips of TerrorTerror and defeat him once and for all! (4th in storyline order)
  • Cilvia Staduim Advance (GBA, 2003): Relive the thrills of CilviaStaduim with more monsters and upgraded content! (6th in storyline order, remake)
  • Cilvia Staduim 3D/Cilvia Monsters (3DS, 2012): TBA (7th in storyline order)
  • Cilvia's Most Wanted (Wii U, TBA): Confirmed; Flee to the clouds and wander the high heavens in search of a special Cilvia monster to help you defeat the evil kindom wanting you dead.

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