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Stupid plumbers.
Cierra, about the Mario Bros.


Cierra appeared in Super Princess Deluxe. She was Cackletta's rather insane daughter. She had attacked the Mushroom Kingdom in order to avenge her mother. She steals the Mario Bros., and turns them evil. She is just as intelligent as her mother was, but she has been influenced greatly by Fawful, sometimes using his insane lines. Cierra never liked Fawful, and destroyed those who tried to revive him alongside Cackletta.


It's Hereditary...

Cierra was, just like her mother Cackletta, a main villain. She corrupted the Mushroom Kingdom, just like Cackletta before her. This Bean-Bean witch takes advantage of Bowser and kidnaps our plumbing heroes. But... the Super Princesses foiled her plans.

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