Chockola Fruit is an item from the Super Mario series, found in Chuckola Forest and being used in the production of Chuckola Cola. They debuted in Mario & Luigi for the Gameboy Advance and later appeared in Super Mario Adventure, being an integral item in the SodaJuice Production Factory level.

Chuckola Fruit resemble small nuts growing on Chockola Trees. They appear to have a large smile and small, dotted eyes. When approached, they wiggle around as if they were alive and trying to escape their captor. There are five types: Orange, un-flavored types; Red, with a robust flavor; Purple, with a refreshing flavor; White, with a tangy flavor; and Black. Black Fruit are actually highly poisonous, but SodaJuice Co. covers it up, saying that they are "Spicy", although luckily they douse some fruit in anti-poison.

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