Chuckola Cola is a soda featured in the Super Mario series, blended cola versions of Chuckola Fruit. They first debuted in Mario & Luigi and returned in Super Mario Adventure as primary objects in the SodaJuice Productions Factory. It is created by dousing Chuckola Fruit in syrup and telling it jokes. The quality oof the fruit and jokes detirmine how good the cola tasts, with bad fruit and jokes making a horrible test and vice versa.

Chuckola Cola is packed into small, glass bottles at SodaJuice Productions Factory and sent out via Transport Boats to all the continents in the world. They come in five flavors: Super Water, Tangy White, Spicy Black, POW Red, and Refreshin' Purple. However, the Chuckola Fruit used to create Spicy Black is actually poisonous; thus, to cover up their selling of the soda, they doused every few beans in de-poison. However, Mario busted in and stopped SodaJuice's trick, along with their other mis-doings.

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