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Chronos PA
Full Name Chronos
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Class Unknown
Family and Relations
Tikal 12
Main Weapon(s) Master Emerald
Vulnerable To N/A

Chronos is a black and orange anthropromorphic hedgehog born out of the Master Emerald at the end of time, just as it shatters he appears and is informed by a green echidna to use the fabled "Chaos Control" technique to go back to the time of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mobius and Life.

After a short briefing on history Chronos arrives on Angel Island and searches for Shadow the hedgehog to inform him on vital information.

Chronos' abilities are similar to Lyx's in a way that they are also similar to Tabuu's and Dr. Manhattan's (Watchmen), Because of thier ability to control time, teleport, fly and have overwhelming power and control over matter (Solid, Liquid and Gas).

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