The Chronological Timeline is an alternative timeline that aims to merge and simplify as many series' as possible with minimal conflict. Instead of series' taking place in different universes on different planets, they take place in one universe on a few planets, and long periods of time take place between series to allow them to work in an order. Because of this, most crossover projects are considered non canon or to take place outside of the known universe.

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Series' are listed top to bottom in the order they happen, under the planets they happen on. Series' listed next to each other happen at the same time or close.


Alpha is a combination of Earth, Zeon, and various unnamed planets.

Dark Woods, Strafe

Motor Chickz, Five Nights at Fierce's, Fear Fighters, One Life, Know Your Body, Mr. Know It All, HACKED, Mr. Chilli

Sk8 and the Board of Power, Sailed and Sunk, Basher's Adventure!, Sweet Tooth, Henry the Moose, Ghasja's Quest

Gridlock, The Adventures of Nick Newton, Flip

Neonplex, Tiny Fiends, Basilisk 1 & 2, Pusher's Pile

It is assumed something major here happens here that allows Doomulus Grime to rise to power and other smaller communities to flee and live more traditionally.

Fire & Ice 1, 2, 3, Scheherazade

New Fantendoverse Canon

Alpha is destroyed.


Beta is the combination of various unnamed planets.

Sk8 and the Board of Power

This is the planet where the aliens come from.

Beta is destroyed.

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