Chrono Chaos, also known as Chrono Dimensions, is the third game in the Chrono series, not counting Radical Dreamers. It takes place in a parallel universe to the standard Chrono world, but has many tie-ins to Chrono Trigger. It brings back the time-travelling element from CT. It is for DS and uses CT's sprite style and gameplay style. There are also some anime cutscenes. The game's tagline is "Don't like history? Then change it."

Playable Characters

This game includes a diverse cast of 19 well-developed characters, each with their own attacks, abilities, and personalities. Next to each character is their title.

  • Kato - Silent Protagonist
  • Genus - Progidy Kid
  • Hazel - Time-Travelling Girl
  • Sir Lance - The White Knight
  • Mermiss - Mermaid Princess
  • Robin - Hero, but Not Quite
  • Lillia - Spunky Spacegirl
  • Zadder - Dark Conquerer
  • Starikky - Gray Guy (OPTIONAL)
  • Leon - Inventor, Artist, Philosopher Extroardinaire
  • Kwick - Dirty Cheater, Rich Slaveowner, Street Preformer
  • Epsilon - Robot with a Personality
  • Phi - Epsilon's Girlfriend
  • Gail - Super Pilot
  • Thala - Pretty Pro-Cragnon
  • Jarrin - Mangled Minion
  • Egnarts - Shapeshifter, Puppeteer, Mime, Weirdo (OPTIONAL)
  • Ophelia - Sweet Slave

Time Periods

Other Characters

  • Ozzie - The Villain
  • Slash - The Villain's Henchman
  • Flea - The Villain's OTHER Henchman
  • Hybrido - The Real Villain
  • Alekzander - Conquerer of Gaia
  • Epirex - Giant Dino
  • Lavoid - A species capable of wiping out the whole universe
  • Octavius - Villain...Or is he?
  • Yumee - The greatest chefs in the history of the world


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