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Chromatic War (tentative title) is an action-RPG released in 2016 by Hammy Games Inc.. It follows a group of people with two things in common - their desire to stop the ongoing war between their nations and their connection to an ancient prophecy.


Yet to be confirmed, though it is known to be an action-RPG.


See here

In the midst of a war between 3 nations, a group of unlikely characters band together to end it by any means necessary.


The game takes place over three continents: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

Primary Nation


Secondary Nation


Tertiary Nation

The most technologically advanced nation. They appear to be the biggest threat in the war, plus nearly everyone in the group has some kind of personal vendetta against them. More TBA


Note: Art is prone to changing

Character Description
Ruby Evans New
Ruby Evans
Red Soul
Rust Davern
Rust Davern
Orange Soul
Blain Sheehan
Blain Icon
Yellow Soul
Juniper Cullen
Juniper Cullen
Green Soul
Sky Wilson
Sky Wilson
Blue Soul
Allium O'Donnell New
Allium O'Donnell
Allium Icon
Purple Soul
Rose Gallagher New
Rose Gallagher
Pink Soul



  • Several character designs are modeled after scrapped characters
    • Ruby was the main character of an abandoned known as PRISM
    • Blain's design has been thrown around a lot, with several changes each time
    • Allium's design is a similar case to Blain's, with significantly less changes
    • Rose's design is the oldest of any of Hammy Games Inc.'s current properties, having been modified and thrown around more than any others
      • The most notable of these iterations is the possibility of Rose having been the main character of Bretwine, under the name Morgan

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