Chroma Renewed
Full Name Chroma Michel Lavada
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Height 5'04"

Chroma is a artist character with the power of colors and painting. She works with her sister at the Zaxiniart Gallery & Club as a artist who displays her works onto the walls and sometimes does tours for visitors.



Chroma is a fair-skinned female wearing a scarf and a furry sweater with grey pants. Her long hair is brown and sometimes wears a ponytail. There are times where she will wear a beret or a slouch hat.


Chroma can be described as a moody but brilliant artist. To catch what her emotions are, the colors of the bottom-half of her hair (or ponytail) changes​ depending on the emotion.

Color Emotion


Angry, Pain 
Orange Scared, Nervous
Yellow Happy, Excitement, Joyful
Green Envy, Jealous
Blue Calm, Trusting, Sad
Indigo Compassionate, Sympathy, Caring
Purple Bored, Tired, 
Pink Romantic Love, Embarassment
White Honest, Being Trusted
Black Evil, Lying


Chroma has abilities of using art and color. 


She can make anything using art including beings, objects, etc. via magic mediums. But she has to know what she’s creating and how to draw it in order for it to work. It’s great for both offense and defense. To rid of the creation she made, she simply touches it with a magic eraser.


For colors attacks, she can shoot paint from a magic paint gun. The gun is attached to a backpack which has seven compartments carrying containers for each color below:

Color  Effects
Fire Red-Orange  Burned 
Zap Yellow  Paralysis (Can still move but randomly stunned momentarily) 
Grassy Green   Weakener
Icy Blue  Slows Speed → Freeze 
Ghastly Indigo  Confused (Target will attack itself, attacks will miss, not make a move due to it being confused, ⅖ chance that their attack will land.) 
Poisonous Purple  Poisoned

The gun will run out of paint if she uses it up, but it can refill itself momentarily. She can use rainbows as a shield and a teleportation device using a small glass prism that reflects off light. She’s unable to use these powers when she’s not in contact with light. However she can make herself blend in with colors in the background.



She and Syara are twin sisters; they deeply care for each other. She shows full support for her sister, but sometimes would get jealous wishing she could sing just as good as her. 



  • Her design was actually based off the Painter Pokémon, Smeargle.

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