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Christy is a character from Alliance. She is one of the main characters at times and she is sometimes not very needed.


Christy is a brave, confident, and pretty girl. She is friends with the rest of the alliance and she is one of a kind. She is like Rosalina. She doesn't have many powers.


Christy has multiple powers. They are:

  • Ice
  • Fire (doesn't hurt herself when Ice is used)
  • Snow
  • Technology
  • Speed
  • Beauty (used to distract monsters)
  • Invisibility (only used when hard monster to defeat)


  • Mirror (used for using the power Beauty and Fire by deflecting light)
  • Shard of glass (used to slightly make monsters bleed)
  • Fake people (used for monsters to distract and make the alliance able to run away)
  • Statue (used as a forcefield that doesn't use Technology)

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