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Christine Chesterfield
Full Name Christine Chesterfield
Current Age 25
Date of Birth December 3, 1989
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Magic
Ability/ies Magic
Nationality England, later Travak
First Appearance Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Latest Appearance Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Christine Chesterfield is a witch of the Slytherin house. She appears in Lumoshi's Cookies: War as a primary character.



Christine is a woman of average height, 5'6", and is relatively muscular from having nothing to do but explore the Serene Isles, which involves many physical-oriented activities like climbing mounains. Her hair is dark brown, nearly black, and quite curvy, falling down to her shoulders. It also slightly covers her right eye. Sometimes, she ties it back into a ponytail. She prefers to wear popular Muggle attire instead of wizard robes, tending to wear a black T-shirt with dark gray swimming shorts to allow her to easily navigate what she calls her home, the Serene Isles. She always carries her weapon of choice in her left hand, an ash wand with a phoenix feather core. It's twelve inches long.


Christine was born in London, England along with her twin brother Maxwell Chesterfield on Sunday, December 3, 1989 at precisely eleven at night. She displayed magical ability at an early age. She started her schooling at Hogwarts in fall 2001 and was sorted into the Slytherin house, unlike Maxwell, who was sorted into Ravenclaw. In their last three years at school, they had a fierce rivalry in Quidditch as each played seeker for their teams. Christine passed with top marks and soon after graduating in 2008 quickly moved out of England and headed to Travak to start a new life.

Christine's history between 2008 is not widely known, but one day in summer 2015, Maxwell discovered her on a retreat to the Serene Isles, a popular vacation spot in Travak. Christine has apparently been trying to take the island for herself and fabricated a fake story to tell the heroes of Lumoshi's Cookies: War, alleging that she was a goddess who had lived on the island for centuries. The validity of this claim was soon exposed, however.


Christine is very calm and strong-willed. This allows her to be very manipulative, and she has performed many "murders" by binding her foes to Unbreakable Vows after deceiving them. Of course, many of these Vows cannot be kept and the person dies after not being able to be completed. She is also a sociopath. She is very persuasive, as well.


She is very skilled at magic and graduated with some of the highest grades in all of Hogwarts. She can perform even some of the most advanced curses and charms with ease, including making a Patronus and Unbreakable Vow. She has a special connection with Dementors and can even bend them to her will.