Chris Thomas
Full Name Christina Katherine Thomas
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Bismarck, North Dakota
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Nationality American
First Appearance The Los Angeles Crew
Latest Appearance Offroad Madness

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Chris is a human from North Dakota. She possesses a lot of strategic skill.


Chris is an average height 22-year-old woman with long, wavy blonde hair and has red eyes. She wears a red leather vest with a dark red tank top underneath, black leather gloves, black skinny leather pants and dark purple boots. Chris can also be seen in bike leathers, for when she uses her motocross bike. Chris has two sleeve tattoos, one of a long trail of fire and one of a person on a dirt bike "riding" down her arm, with a trail of mud following behind them, which goes up Chris' arm.


Chris is overly daring, and always loves staring death in the face. Her mentality has almost lead to her death a few times. Despite this, Chris is very smart and can plan out near-perfect attacks. Chris is also a sore loser, and tends to get angry when things don't go her way.


Despite lacking superpowers, Chris is a very skilled strategist. She can plan attacks well and make them nothing short of flawless. She also uses her "attractive" appearance to captivate her enemies while she makes a run for it. Chris is also extremely durable, being able to recover from injuries very quickly. This is evident when she recovers from a lot of broken bones and a concussion within two weeks (in between Three Strikes, You're Out and Rebuilding The Team). Chris is also highly acrobatic. Prior to becoming a racer, Chris did gymnastics and excelled in rhythm events, and they translated into her "insane" tricks. When she rides her bike, she is capable of doing some ridiculous tricks once she leaves the ground. She created a trick to show off her acrobatic prowess, called the Corkscrew and Flip, where she flips her bike and spins around constantly.



  • Chris enjoys doing motocross in her spare time.
  • Chris' love for deadly racing is somewhat inspired by her creator's love for the MotorStorm series.
  • Chris has a fear of needles.
  • Chris listens almost exclusively to Pendulum.
  • Chris has an array of vehicles, from her signature bike to a hearse that was converted into a monster truck.