Chris Pearlman
Chris pearlman
Current Age 23
Date of Birth 28th February 1992
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Goldlake
Current Status Dead
Family and Relations
Craig Hamel (boyfriend)
The young man
First Appearance Lust (Non-Fantendo)

Lights (Fantendo)

Chris Pearlman is a young male adult.



Chris is a somewhat flamboyant homosexual. Due to this he is often bullied by homophobes, making him feel alone in the world. He is prone to falling in love easily.

Fantendo Edition

Chris is a homosexual. He sometimes feels alone and is prone to falling in love easily.


Craig Hamel

Craig and Chris met at a new years year celebration, where the two fell in love. Over a short time, their relationship grew before Chris died. Chris and Craig had a very positive relationship when they knew eachother.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica didn't have much of a history with Chris, due to only seeing him from far away. She did however briefly mention seeing him to Craig, approving of their relationship.

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