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Doug will save me. You metalheads don't stand a chance.

Chompy is a young goomba. He is Doug Piranha's younger brother. His real name is Nate, but he was given a nickname due to his overbite.


In the earlier games, Chompy was just a regular goomba with a cape and a spike, but in newer games, he has a slight orange tint. In general, Chompy is a spiky goomba with orange shoes and a cape.


Chompy is shown to be fun-loving Goomba, who doesen't like to do chores. He is shown to despise the Bob-omb Pirates, calling them "Metal Heads". His best friend is his adopted brother, Doug. He also seems to like video games.


All of the games Chompy has appeared in!

Another Picture of Chompy.

Doug Piranha(Game)-NPC

Doug Piranha:Summer Sports-Playable character

Doug Piranha 2-Playable Character

Doug Piranha:Chompy's Adventure-Playable Character


  • If you look in Chompy's room, you will see a Wii, a Wii U, and a Mario Poster.
  • Similarly, if you look in the bathroom, you will see an Octorok squeeze toy.

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