Chomp-Riding Dayzee
A dayzee in a cart that has Chain Chomps instead of wheels.
Full Name Chomp Riding Dayzee
Current Age Unknown (His Great-Grandpa is 100)
Gender Male
Current Status Alive, ready-to-battle
Class Villian

Koopa Troop

Family and Relations
Lavora (Pet owner of chomp, and trainer of Dayzee)

Bowser (Gives him paychecks for harming innocent people) Risen (Is jealous of the dayzee because he loves chomps) Mario (Archfoe) Luigi (Archfoe)

Main Weapon(s) Chain Chomp
Ability/ies Chomp Attack, Lullaby
Vulnerable To When chomp is scared
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros YoYo Games
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros YoYo Games
You want that Chomp Biscuit, right, boy?
Dayzee, New Super Mario Bros YoYo Games

The Chomp-Riding Dayzee is a Crazee Dayzee that is in a cart without wheels that has a Chain Chomp that pulls it. The Chain Chomp is one of Lavora's pets. In fact, the chomp is the second best one. The best one is a Red Chomp with a cart that has an Amazy Dayzee in it (Chomp-Riding Dayzee X.