DohIMissed's artwork of a Chocoomba.

Chocoomba is a chocolate Goomba made by DohIMissed (tbc). He first appeared in Mario Party Wii U.


He looks like normal Goombas but is almost completely brown and look like chocolate. He has some kind of frosting on the top of his head and a cherry on top of that. He has more frosting around his stem.

Game Appearances

Mario Party Wii U

Chocoomba is the boss of the battle board Cake Castle in Mario Party Wii U.

Mario Kart²

Chocoomba is a playable racer in Mario Kart². It is unknown how he drives. His partner in the game is Goomboss, and his special item is a Goomnut. He, along with Goomboss, is of heavy weight.


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