The Chocolate Mountains are a large group of mountains located north of Princess Peach's Castle, and is the second course of Area One in Super Mario Exploit. It features a large path stretching out along the length of the level, and several small mountains along it. In behind these small mountains are much larger ones. All of them are made out of, what is said, the "sweetest chocolate in the Mushroom Kingdom". The White Chocolate Mountain resides at the farthest point in the corse. Near the end of the path, there are 7 stone walls blocking the "Candy Crops", a large, fenced in crop with icing, candy, and cans of pop. Way above the ground is a floating pyramid, know as the Cocoa Pyramid.


The White Chocolate Mountain

A Power Star has been seen on top of the White Chocolate Mountain, and Mario must reach it. Mario must follow the path down to the mountain. There will be a Cloud Flower waiting for him there. He must use his clouds to get to the top. There are a few more Cloud Flowers on the way there. Once he reches the top, The Chimp will give him the star as a congratualtion.


Cocoa Pyramid

The Cocoa Pyramid has been rumbling recently, and Mario must try to find the source. He must first go down to the White Chocolate Mountain. A Warp Pad will sed him to the top. From there, he must use the Cloud Flower to get to the pyramid. Once inside, he must climb the pyramid until he gets to the top. At the top, he must jump through the roof. He will land in some new room. The floor will close, and Eyerok will reveal itself. Mario must defeat it to get the Power Star by spining into its eyes twice each.