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Chocolate Canyon is the sixth world in New Super Mario Bros. X-treme. It is mountain themed. The boss is Morton and Bowser Jr.

6-1: Grassy Hilltop

A grassy level with Goombas and Paratroopas

6-2: Bullet Bill Mountain

A mountain level with Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills, and Stone Spikes

6-3: Monty Mole Gorge

A sky level with Yoshi and Monty Moles

6-Fortress: Sumo Bro's Spiked Fortress

A fortress level with spike pillars, spike balls, and falling spikes

6-4: Spine Coaster Canyon

A lava/mountain level with a spine coaster

6-5: Fire Bar Cliff

A mountain level with Firebars and Fuzzies

6-6: Explosion City

The last level before the castle. They are Bob-ombs, Chain Chomps, and cannons. Morton's airship is circling around his castle at the end.

6-Castle: Morton's Burnwire Castle

Morton's castle. The level is outside with lava, Banzai Bills, and flamethrowers. The boss is Morton.

6-Airship: Bowser Jr's Fearsome Flagship

The second airship. It has Rocky Wrenches, spinning wheels and King Bills. You fight Bowser Jr. again


Boss Sumo Bro.

He acts just like NSMBU. But now he throws electric balls now

Morton Koopa Jr.

Morton will use his mallet to whack spiked balls and make ground pounds that make energy waves. After 3 hits, he breathes a fire ray. This time hit him 4 times.

Bowser Jr. #2

Bowser Jr. will fire homing missiles from his Clown Car now. He could also punch the floor causing you to hit a spike ceiling. After 2 hits he uses a laser cannon to kill you.

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