Chloe Ahern
Full Name Chloe Ahern
Current Age 22
Date of Birth October 21st
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Sensing the past of objects or people via touch
Sexuality Homosexual
Agent Ahern (Members of Hourglass)
Clo (Amy)
First Appearance Out of Time (Codename: Hourglass episode)
It’s a pretty big responsibility and I’m nervous about it, needless to say. That’s right. Chloe Ahern, part-time temporal scientist, part-time field agent, full-time time traveler and saviour of the human race.
Chloe, Out of Time

Chloe Ahern is a member of Hourglass, sent back in time from a destroyed world. After working up the ranks, she is now a full-fledged agent of present-day Hourglass. An anomaly granted her the ability to see into the past of some objects or people she touches, though she doesn't like to use this power as she feels it is an invasion of privacy.

Physical Description

Chloe is a relatively tall woman, due to the average height in her time being taller than that of the present. Her has wavy brown hair stretching down her back, blonde at the tips. Due to having spent so much time indoors in her future, she is pale-skinned and has light blue eyes. She has a large scar on her left arm, which glows a blue colour when she uses her ability.


At the beginning of the series, Chloe is an optimist, possibly one of the kindest people you could meet, once you get past her occasional sarcastic remark. She has absolute faith in Hourglass, taking their orders without question, as though she were a drone programmed to do their bidding. Chloe is dedicated to her research on temporal travel and hopes to one day perfect time travel. She finds it hard to blend into present-day trends and such. Though useful in her line of work, she doesn't like to use her ability to look into the past of things or people she touches as she feels it is an invasion of privacy. In the field, she is focused on her objective, so much that she would barely notice if one of her teammates were shot.


As a field agent, Chloe has been trained to fire a gun, knows basic interrogation tricks, etc. Aside from skills that every field agent has mastered, an anomaly while time travelling gave her the ability to look into the past of objects or people she touches. She doesn't like to use this, seeing it as an invasion of privacy, but will use it when she needs to. Even then, there's a lot of instances where it doesn't work. Occasionally, a certain phrase or sight will trigger a vision.




Chloe is set to be the main character of an upcoming TV series by Hamclub13 (tbc), later accompanied by two other groups of main characters.

Relationships with other characters



Ronny Fitz

In their brief interactions, it's safe to assume that the two have a mutual respecting of each other. They're friendly towards one another and Chloe obviously trusts him.

Andrea Griffin


Jack Coleman


Colin Roche


Amy Lane


Director Keane



  • Chloe was set to appear in her own series in Fantendo - Drive titled Out of Time, under the name Bella Sheehan
  • Chloe is named after Chloe Bennet