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Chloe in her school clothes
Full Name Chloe Jayne Redpath
Current Age 13
Date of Birth 18th June
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Secret Springs: Deepest Mysterys
Family and Relations
Katie (Friend) Jenny (Mother)
Latest Appearance Secret Springs: Sunken Dreams

Chloe (クロエ Cloei) is one of the main characters in the game Secret Springs: Deepest Mysterys. She is the whole reason the girls know about the springs.


Chloe is just a normal teenage girl who loves ponies and buttercups, she is rather dumb and ditsy at times, often saying or doing things that get her and her friend Katie in trouble. She loves the color blue and she only eats spaghetti-- just because.


Chloe has long wavey blonde hair with curls randomly placed in it, she has blue eyes and sometimes has her hair tied back either in a bun or like a pony-tail.


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