Chizu Honda
Current Age 14*
Date of Birth October 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Hometown Naha
Weapon Pata
Status Alive
Spirit Kali
Affiliations Seishin Group*
Debut Mizuame Namida
Aliases Chi
Relatives Kazuo Honda (brother), mother (deceased), father (deceased)
Voice Actors Kate Higgins (ENG)
Konomi Maeda (JAP)

Chizu Honda is the main protagonist of Hakuto Namida, and a major secondary-protagonist in Mizuame Namida. Chizu Honda lived with her grandparents in order to study in Ushinawareta. Once they passed away due to old age, she inherited their house, where she spent most of her life living alone. After her parents' death, her younger brother, Kazuo Honda, was sent to live with her.

Game Appearances


As a teenager, Chizu was upbeat, and often worrying about the future and stressing out because of it. She would often put on a facade of perfection due to being of above-average IQ, and would suppress her emotions while in public. She was also very curious, and would butt into conversations unannounced should she be curious about the subject. This curiosity served as the reason for her discovery of the Demon Realm.

As an adult, Chizu is much more mature, and level-headed. She cares deeply for her brother, as the two of them are, as of the events of Mizuame Namida, the only two living members of their family. Initially coming across as overprotective, once she learned of Kazuo's Spirit, she aided him, and would often heal him and his friends should they get hurt as well as teach them new techniques.

Physical Appearance

As an adult, Chizu has short chestnut hair that drops down slightly above her left eye, obscuring her eyebrow. She has pale blue eyes and wears red glasses over them. She has a small, pointed nose, located above a small mouth. To the right of her mouth is a small black mole, while on the left side of her neck, a long scar.

As a teenager, Chizu had long chestnut hair parted to the frame her face. The rest of her hair was pulled into a long ponytail that draped down her back. She had large eyes of a deep blue colour, and a small pointed nose. To the right of her mouth was a small black mole.


Chizu's Spirit is Kali, an ice elemental. Kali is a tall female human-like figure, who stands mostly in the nude aside from a small cloth to cover her lower parts. She has large chains that coil around her body and cover her breasts, and underneath one can see her blue skin and marks from a whip, or similar weapon. Her head has two large golden eyes hidden by a plume of black flames.


Levelling Up

Skill Cost Effect Level
Nergé 5 PP Boosts attack power of one ally. -
Aruan 5 PP Deals light damage to one target. -

Special Training

Skill Cost Effect Level


Mizuame Namida (2015)

Chizu Honda appears as a secondary protagonist of Mizuame Namida.

Hakuto Namida (TBA)

Chizu makes a playable appearance as the main protagonist of Hakuto Namida.


  • Chizu is the youngest playable character in the Akuma no mon series, at 14 during the events of Hakuto Namida.


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