This little Pterosaur is the best!
Full Name Chirashi
Current Age Same Age as Yoshi
Date of Birth June 12
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Location Yoshi's Island and Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Main Character
Family and Relations
Yoshi (Cousin), Umi (Adopted Sister)
Ability/ies Fly and stomp on enemies
Yoshi, Spikey, Slinky, Umi, Monty Mole, Birdo and Bowser Jr.
Voice Actor(s)
Miki Kanai (2012-present)
First Appearance Yoshi's Island 3: Chirashi's Island
Latest Appearance Ongoing

Chirashi is a yellow pterodactyl and a new member of the Mushroom Kingdom. As the main character of her debut game, She is friendly and outgoing and loves apples. Her best friends are Yoshi and Rex.


Chirashi is like a yellow pterodactyl with a pink bow on her head, pink shoes instead of brown shoes like Yoshi and has pink eyes.

Voice Actors

Chirashi is voiced by japanese actress Mika Kanai in US and international.


"Chira!" - Catchphrase in every game she appears in.

"My name is Chirashi, What's yours?" -Yoshi's Island 3: Chirashi's Island beginning movie.

"Oh My Herb!" - Boss Battle

"It's Bowser, Run!" - Incounting Bowser