Chip (Mach Rider Timeline)
Early concept art for Chip
Full Name Chip
Current Age 3
Date of Birth October 18th, 2115
Gender Male
Species T-20 Drilling Robot
Current Status Alive
Plaft Industries
Main Weapon(s) Drill
Height 22 inches
First Appearance Mach Rider's Return

Chip (also referred to as Chipper) is a character in the Mach Rider universe. He is a T-20 Drilling Robot, a series of mass produced robots created by William Plaft of Plaft Industies. He served at the Capita Mine from 2115 to 2118 until he was abducted by YOS.

The T-20 Drilling Robots are equipped with one drill that is able to retract inside the machine itself. They use durable tank treads to traverse the landscape. Each T-20 also comes with a flashlight. The robots are approximately 22 inches in height.


Before the Second Quadrunner War

Chip was created on October 18th, 2115 as part of the first supply of T-20 Drilling Robots. The class was designed by the founder of Plaft Industries, William Plaft. The robots cost around $5.50 each, and were sold to the Federation for approximately $10.

Chip was then sent to the city-state of Capita, were he was employed at the Capita Mine. Chip remained at the mine for the next three years. He became one of the only surviving T-20 Robots, as most of the them were replaced by the newer T-21's. However, Capita was currently going through an economic depression and could not afford to scrap the older models.

On February 12nd, 2118, Chip and five other Drilling Robots were abducted by the terrorist group known as YOS. They were sabotage and were planned to be used as bombs. The six robots were dropped off at Federation Headquarters. Not knowing that they were bombs, Chip and the other five robots entered. However, Chip's bomb had bomb had not been implemented correctly and thus, did not detonate. The other five robots did explode, causing major damage to the building and killing several Federation officers. Chip was found by police officers investigating the scene and sent to a junkyard to be used for spare parts.

Once at the junkyard, Chip used his drill to escape from the workers. He returned to Capita on April 2nd, 2118, two weeks until the war started. The Capita Mine was now completely occupied by either T21's or T22's, so Chip decided to leave the city and find some other place to live. He soon found Mach Rider's unconscious body in a river. Chip saved him and the two agreed to work together to defeat YOS.

During the Second Quadrunner War




Mach Rider's Return