Chip (Cutting Tetrahedron)
The blue tetrahedral villain
Full Name Chip
Gender Genderless
Location Platonic Plains Castle
Current Status Cut-Up, but gets reassembled after every death
Class Villain
Evil Polynoid
Family and Relations
Fritz, Blaze (Fire Octahedron), Acheduo, Zip, Shiner, Shadow (Dark Great Dodecahedron), Spike (Sharp Great Stellated Dodecahedron), Hardy
Main Weapon(s) Cutters
Ability/ies Shell has 8 holes to unleash its true form's tentacles
Vulnerable To Its own cutters
Villain, That one cutter
First Appearance The Polyhedral adventures of Geo
Chip is a cutter-tetrahedron in The Polyhedral adventures of Geo. Its True Form is a white glow with eight blue cutters with white interiors. To defeat it, its cutters home on you. Distract them to cut it!

Chip under its shell, after being cut too much


  • The term "Chip" can refer to a cut.