ChillBully SM64S

Chill Bully, as it appears in Super Mario 64 Switch.

Chill Bullies are a subspecies of the normal Bully, being almost completely made of ice. If one of them appears in a Super Mario game, it is often a miniboss in an ice level.

Chill Bullies resemble their non-icy counterpart, except for having two horns, it only sports just one spike atop its body. As mentioned before, the body is made of ice, while a Bully's body is black and made of steel.

Game Appearances

New Super Mario Bros.: Superstar Adventure

A Chill Bully appears there as the Fortress boss of World 4. It is basically a weaker version of Chief Chilly, it's leader, who appears in the same game as well. Mario has to push it in the cold water with his Spin Jumps, before the Chill Bully does the same thing to Mario.

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