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Child of Stars
The mural that appears in the game's opening sequence
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) WiiULogo


Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Media CD icon Optical Disk

Media DL icon Digital Download

Child of Stars is a 2D platforming role-playing video game developed by Amuza and published by Ubisoft. The main character, Aurora, is reborn into Lemuria and she takes down the evil force, Eos, whilst spreading the belief in the stars to protect Lemuria from greater pain.

The game is slated for release in 2016 and will be released on, Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One as well as computer systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux through the Steam store.

It is a sequel to the 2014 game, Child of Stars, and is a continuation of the original story, set 10 years later. At the end of the first game, Aurora became the Queen of West Lemuria and saved the people from her hometown in Austria from the Great Flood by bringing them into Lemuria. Much like the original, the game is powered by the UbiArt Framework.


Child, tuck yourself in bed. And let me tell you a story of Lemuria thriving instead. 

Now Austria was saved Lemuria thrived, and tales of Aurora’s journey never fazed. Yet Aurora grew up in her castle, bringing joy to the west. She always felt like she never experienced what was blessed.

Her mother, father and family all gone. She felt like nothing was left, her end had been drawn. Her body had gone all cold, the land called it a black swan.

Yet not too far away a child was born. Falling out of the stars, where Aurora’s heart had been sworn.

The legends foretold of this unruly night. For Aurora was not the only child whom went through that same plight. 

Aurora fell from the stars to the altar once more. This time her body a child, again at the core. Soon she will awaken and open that door And find yet another journey for her to explore.

Chapter 1: Return of the Girl and the Firefly


Aurora first waking up after being reborn

Aurora awakes on the Altar of Mahthildis once again, after awaking she decides she would rather go back to West Lemuria, however she soon finds that the Tree of Thorns has overgrown since the last time she was here, and instead she decides to find Igniculus, who will be residing in the Wisps Dominion, which can be found deeper in the Mahthildis Woods.

As Aurora journeys into the Wisps Dominion, she eventually finds and reunites with Igniculus, whom she hasn't seen since she became a queen. Igniculus says that Aurora may be able to return to West Lemuria if she revives the Lady of the Forest who has since passed away. The two head back to the Old Monastery and find the Lady of the Forests decayed body which can be revived with the water from the Fountain of Stars. They head deeper into the Old Monastery, finding the Fountain of Stars and taking a part of it's waters, which they then spray on the Lady of the Forest, reviving her.

The Lady of the Forest thanks Aurora for her what she has done, however remembers the legends of the queen returning as a child. The Lady of the Forest insists Aurora finds her other half which would have been reborn alongside her. Aurora and Igniculus then head to the Altar of Cosima in Imani Peaks to meet with the other child born from the stars.

Chapter 2: Sister from a Shooting Star

Aurora makes her way to Mount Cosima, passing through the City of the Capili on her way. As she enters the city, she discovers that their town is currently being overrun by dark creatures. Taking refuge in the towns Inn, Aurora meets a pack of Capili members who ask Aurora to rid the city of the creatures. She then heads out to defeat the enemies, but is immediately stopped by Gladys, one of the Capili who wants to help Aurora so she can be valued by the people of her city as a plea to move up into the upper-class of the town. Gladys joins the team and helps Aurora defeat the creatures.

Aurora and Gladys head back to the Inn, and tell the Capili that it is safe to come out. Unfortunately for Gladys, the rest of the Capili still view her as a low class member of society, and so Gladys decides to follow Aurora and get away from the City of the Capili.

Aurora heads over Mount Adelle, with the mountain currently experiencing a heavy snowfall, and through the jolly and festive Jeinor Village, on her way to Mount Cosima where the other girl rests. Climbing up the pagodas of Mount Cosima, Aurora eventually makes it to the Altar of Cosima, and confronts her shadow half known as Eos. The two have a brief fight, with Eos believing she is a prophet, a falling star whose destiny was to bring joy to Lemuria. Aurora explains the situation, but Eos doesn't listen, instead deciding to take over the land so she can spread her joy with the world, however Aurora and Eos don't see eye to eye on what the spreading of joy really could be.

Aurora heads back down Mount Cosima after Eos, whom she meets in Jeinor Village spreading her beliefs that she is a fallen star here to bring the town joy. The town begins to listen to Eos and believe her values, however Aurora interrupts and tells the people of the town to believe in the stars, for they have their future already written for you, every twist and turn. After Aurora's speech, Eos feels insulted and enraged, going on a rampage through the town. Aurora eventually subdues Eos but she manages to flee and continue spreading her beliefs across Lemuria.

Unsure of what to do next, Igniculus suggests revisiting the Lady of the Forest, and so they head back to gain knowledge. The Lady of the Forest tells Aurora that if she awakens the three Mystical Ladies of Greater Lemuria, that Aurora could harness their power and return Eos to the stars and save Lemuria. Aurora decides to awaken the Lady of the White, on top of Mount Elaine in the Imani Peaks.

Chapter 3: The Whitest of the White

Aurora heads through the Mahthildis Forest towards the Imani Peaks, however a deep sinkhole opens in the Orange Woods, causing Aurora to have to find another way around back up to the surface. Aurora navigates through the system of caverns to find an exit through the Imani Mines.

Passing through Jeinor Village, Aurora finds herself at the foot of Mount Elaine with the daughter of a Jeinor crying, whom tells Aurora that her father went up the mountain three days ago, and yet as still not returned from his expedition. Aurora agrees to help the young Jeinor out, and the little Jeinor, Juno, joins Aurora to help find her dad.

After heading west up the mountain, Aurora enters a blizzard where she finds a campsite with two tents. Inside one of the tents is the frozen body of Juno, and they carry the body out of the blizzard and back to Jeinor Village. Still frozen, the group decide to go find the Lady of the White whilst they wait for Juno's dad to unfreeze.

They climb to the top of Mount Elaine and pour the Water of the Stars from the Fountain of Stars onto the carcass of the Lady of the White, whom awakens and bestows her power on Aurora. With the Lady of the White revived, Aurora now heads to find and revive the Lady of the Black on the Isle of Nereida.

Chapter 4: Voyage to a Far Off Land

Chapter 5: The Lost, The Search, The Discovery

Chapter 6: The Blackest of the Black

Chapter 7: The Road Less Travelled

Chapter 8: The Brightest of the Bright

Chapter 9: Power of the Stars


The following is the list of objectives that appear throughout the game, that make up the story and the activities that Aurora has to do to complete the story and her journey across Greater Lemuria.


Chapter 1: Return of the Girl and the Firefly

  • Return to West Lemuria
  • Find Igniculus
  • Revive the Lady of the Forest
  • Locate the Fountain of Stars to revive the Lady

Chapter 2: Sister from a Shooting Star

  • Rescue the child on Mount Cosima
  • Defeat all the dark creatures in the City of the Capili
  • Scale Mount Cosima through the Catacombs of Jeinor
  • Save Jeinor Village from the destruction of Eos
  • Return to the Lady of the Forest
  • Revive the Mystical Ladies of Lemuria to harness the power of the stars

Chapter 3: The Whitest of the White

  • Revive the Lady of the White
  • Escape the sinkhole
  • Scale Mount Elaine to the Lady of the White's Shrine
  • Rescue the Lost Jeinors
  • Defeat the Serpent of White

Chapter 4: Voyage to a Far off Land

  • Revive the Lady of the Black
  • Sail to the Isle of Nereida
  • Cure the Ferryman of his ailment
  • Defeat the dark creatures inside the Ferryboat
  • Investigate the Ferryman's disappearance

Chapter 5: The Lost, The Search, The Discovery

  • Find the Queen of Shadows
  • Investigate the disappearance of the Suellen race
  • Find the 4 Plagues of Memorance
  • Talk to the Ferryman
  • Research The Phobetor
  • Defeat The Phobetor

Chapter 6: The Darkest of the Dark

  • Revive the Lady of the Black
  • Scale the Tower of Suellen to the Lady of the Black's shrine

Chapter 7: The Road Less Travelled

  • Revive the Lady of the Rainbow
  • Locate the entrance to Agartha
  • Speak to the Jeinor Master about the entrance to Agartha
  • Reach the bottom of the Deep Imani Mines
  • Reach Agartha at the end of the Velvadin Passage
  • Defeat Eos

Chapter 8: The Brightest of the Bright

  • Revive the Lady of the Rainbow
  • Speak with the Lemurian Gods
  • Pass the Lemurian Trials
  • Navigate the Shadowdrawn Caverns
  • Survive the Labyrinth
  • Defeat the Lemurian Reigner
  • Search the Bygone Abbey for the Lady of the Rainbow

Chapter 9: Power of the Stars

  • Harness the Power of the Stars in the Fountain of Stars
  • Confront Eos in the Valley of the Unknown
  • Save Eos in the Valley of the Unknown


The gameplay of Child of Stars plays fairly identical to it's predecessor, in which the player will traverse a 2D world in a similar vein to a platforming side-scroller, in addition to encountering enemies and fighting them in a turn-based seperate gameplay style, in a similar vein to role-playing games such as the Final Fantasy series. 

Whilst traversing the overworld, the player can interact with non-playable characters, the environment as they solve puzzles and complete platforming, and fight enemies. Combat is engaged when an enemy is touched in the overworld, the player can control up to 2 characters during combat, and similar to the first game, their is a timeline of waiting and attack period which characters and enemies follow. Once a character has reached the attack period, the timeline stops and an attack is chosen, then it resumes. If a character reaches the end of the attack period, they will attack an enemy, however in this period if a character is attacked, they will be interrupted and moved back into the waiting period of the timeline. Igniculus can also restore health to characters and slow down characters on the timeline during combat.

The game has a levelling up system and a large upgrade tree for each character. When a character levels up after getting enough experience points, they will earn a skill point which they can use to unlock an upgrade on the upgrade tree.


  • Aurora: The lovable main hero of the game, Aurora first saved Lemuria from the wrath of Umbra the Queen of the Night, and became the Queen of West Lemuria. 10 years have passed and Aurora has now passed into her thirties, however she has felt like her role as a queen as limited her from doing what she wants to do. As such, she kills herself and is reborn as a child, so she can effectively re-do her early life again. She teaches the land of Lemuria to believe in the power of the stars.
  • Eos: The main antagonist of the game, Eos is the Princess of Shadows that was born alongside Aurora when she was reborn, both falling out of the skies to an altar. Eos teaches Lemuria to believe in her, as Eos believes she is a fallen star that fell to grace the land and save it from evil forces. Little does she know, perhaps Eos may be the real evil force.

Team Members

  • Gladys: Gladys is a Capili peasant whom lives on the street in the lower-class of the city. Gladys has always tried to prove herself to the upper-class so she can join them and live in the lap of luxury. Her moves in battle consist of magic spells with great power that harness the elements
  • Juno: The daughter of one of the Jeinor Village elders, Juno awaits at the bottom of Mount Elaine for her father to return, but he never does. She is a young Jeinor whom deeply respects and loves her family, and holds the key to the secret of the Jeinor race. Her moves in battle consist of magic spells that ail the team and hinder the opponents.


  • Austrian: While fairly uncommon, the Austrians that were saved at the end of the original game can be seen in the ending of the game when Aurora returns to original body and resumes her role as queen. Aurora and Eos are also both considered to be Austrian.
  • Capili: The Capili are one of the few reappearing species from the original game. In the ten years that have passed, the Capili have become more advanced in live in multiple different cities, at least their version of cities. They retain a similar appearance as their original.
  • Aerostati: The Aerostati feature very minimally in the game, similar to the original. The feature predominantly in the side-mission, "Girl and the Beanstalk". The Aerostati live in floating buildings above the sky that are suspended by large balloon-looking circles. The appearance is fairly identical the the original.
  • Jeinor: The Jeinor race live in the frigid areas of Imani Peaks, mostly at the base of the Three Mountains. They are a very jolly species whom live like everyday its December 25th. With very rosy cheeks, the Jeinor mostly stay within the Imani Peak region as their bodies only used to the cold terrain. They commonly go out on expeditions to the nearby mountains to uncover a deep secret held by their ancestors.
  • Ulriche: The Ulriche are an evolution of the Piscean race from the original game. After their hometown flooded and was terrorised by a giant, much of the species fled to the east where waters were warmer and the species had to adapt. As such, the Ulriche have a quite different appearance to the Piscean race. They live mostly in and around the Ulriche Strait.
  • Suellen: The Suellen race reside on the Isle of Nereida, and evolved from the dark creatures that inhabit the island to an intelligent species that understand threats and safety. The Suellen race have a culture of worshiping the dark and horrific things. The Suellen race however get held captive by The Phobetor and intends to eat all of the Suellen until they are extinct.
  • Lemurians: The Lemurians are a hyper-intelligent and advanced race that live in the Core of Agartha, hidden away from the rest of the world. Their existence is a popular myth across Lemuria, however it seems they actually do exist. The Lemurians are shrouded in mystery, however it is known that they were the discoverers of the land and that they also have unspeakable powers.

It should also be noted that a single member of the Piscean race appears deep in the Barbodeen Marsh where he is slowly dying, and provides Aurora a side-mission. The Ferryman of the boat between Ulriche Strait and Isle of Nereida also seems to derive from a completely entirely different race seen from any other character in the game due to his appearance.


Mahthildis Forest
  • Old Monastery
  • Aerostati Skies
  • Wisps Dominion
  • Orange Woods
  • City of the Capili
Imani Peaks
  • Jeinor Village
  • Mount Adelle
  • Mount Cosima
  • Mount Elaine
  • Imani Mines
Ulriche Strait
  • Bass Sands
  • Ulriche Shanty
  • Ulriche Villa
  • Bottleneck
  • Deena Marsh
Isle of Nereida
  • Black Woods
  • Midnight Grove
  • Suellen Castle
  • Tower of Suellen
Core of Agartha
  • Deep Imani Mines
  • Velvadin Passage
  • Agartha
  • Bygone Abbey
Valley of the Unknown


Gladys' Plight

Help rid the Capili City of the dark creatures
Perhaps Gladys will move up a social class
So she can finally live the way it was meant to be
Let luxury come to the poor lass

The Way of the Skies

A impending doom is rumored for the Aerostati life
The land below has shook and something now grows
Delve into the growth to the root of the problem
Then scale to the top to unmask the one who owns

Resting Home for a Lost Soul

The poor Piscean left to rot in the marsh
Help his soul transcend to the land above
The one remedy for a soul stuck on the mortal plane
A message from his last true love



  • The location, Isle of Nereida, was visible on the map in the first game, however it was only first explorable in the sequel. 
  • Since ten years have passed from the original game, there are many instances of evolution throughout the world. For example, the Ulriche race are shown to be an evolution of the Piscean race, part of the species that moved east after their former town, the Piscean Village, flooded and was terrorised by an ogre.
  • While the first game followed themes of love and sacrifice, the sequel follows themes of cold war and the effects it can have on the world for everyone.

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