A futuristic sandbox game. The future is bright and teaming with life. Cars are flying, police are more equipped than ever, and revolutionary, military-grade tech has been developed. This tech is known as The Philosophers. Despite the peace, it seems a group of Philosophers are attempting to spread terror through the country. These Philosophers have been dubbed the Scorpio Branch You control the latest model, Sal, to find the heart of the terrorist organization and disperse them at once.


A group of humans transformed into superior beings, capable of manipulating the elements, withstanding might no ordinary man can, or feature incredible intelligence. In addition, each Philosopher is able to fuse with a specific vehicle. Commonly, Philosophers feature neon lights strewn about their bodies, which they can hide when necessary.

Individual Philosophers

(In Progress)

Other Philosophers

  • Scorpio Branch
Image Name Description
In Progress Iron Philosophers Ordinary mooks of the Scorpio Branch. They're known for manipulating iron, usually to form shields, melee weapons, or shards to talekinetically throw at enemies like bullets. Range and melee abilities are balanced.
  • Police
Image Name Description
In Progress Copper Philosophers Ordinary street cops. They manipulate copper into riot shields, tiny bullets they telekinetically throw, or batons. Have limited melee range, small melee ability, but exceed in ranged combat.
  • Military
Image Name Description
In Progress Ceration Philosophers Soldiers sent to clear out areas via spreading flames. Unlike Pyre, who's fire manipulation is more explosive, their fire is more continuous and stream like. Melee ability is small, ranged ability's good at crowd control.


Players get to explore the city of Hellen, Veda, and Platotelian as they complete missions, either story or side quest, in order to defeat the Scorpio Branch. Unlike other Philosophers, Sal doesn't have powers of his own. Except for the ability to copy the abilities of other Philosophers. He has a particular capacity to the kind of body he can copy, so he can't copy every Philosopher. Certain Philosophers are balanced in terms of stats, other lean more towards certain stat(s) more so than others, and some are better in fusion form than normal form.


Unfortunately, Sal can't just do anything he wants. If he acts unruly, the forces will respond. there are five outlaw levels.

  1. Police will keep an eye on Sal. This means they'll know the instant he does something unruly.
  2. Copper Philosophers will track down Sal and go on the attack.
  3. In addition to Copper Philosophers, Aqua vitae philosophers assume strategic positions.
  4. The military gets involved.