Child's Play Way is the first track in the Star Cup of Mario Kart 9.


Child's Play Way is set in multiple locations. The race begins in a large version of a child's playroom, as the player avoids wind-up toys and giant spinning tops on the wooden floor. A large toy truck holds a large surfboard ramp that leads to an open window. The player jumps out and lands in a large playground. The player will move up the ramp to a section that contains three slides. The slide on the right is the most direct, the slide on the left contains boosties, and the middle slide spirals, meaning better drift potential. The player then scoots across a merry-go-round, and jumps off another ramp, enabling them to glide to another open window. This leads to a hallway. The door to the left is closed, but the door on the right leads to the child's playroom, and the lap marker.

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