MKChief Chilly

Chief Chilly challenging Luigi.

Chief Chilly is a mustachioed ice creature in the Super Mario series, and the leader of the Chill Bullies. In most games, he can be defeated but being punched off a cliff into fiery lava pit.

His non-icy counterpart may be Big Bully, as the Chill Bullies are a subspecies of Bullies, and Big Bully is the leader of the just aforementioned species.

Chief Chilly likes to brag about his mustache, not different to other bosses with a mustache in his debut appearance, Super Mario 64 DS.

Game Appearances

Chief Chilly

Chief Chilly in Super Mario 64 DS.

Super Mario Bros. 2010

Chief Chilly appears in Super Mario Bros. 2010 as a boss of World 5, the ice world. To defeat him, Mario must use his fireballs (if he is Fire Mario) to hit Chief Chilly or just let Chief Chilly's fireballs bounce around the room until they hit him.

New Super Mario Bros.: Superstar Adventure

Chief Chilly appears in New Super Mario Bros.: Superstar Adventure as the boss of World 4, the ice world. He fights Mario by running around the stage, trying to push him into the cold water. Mario must use his spin jump to knock Chief Chilly into the water one time.

Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals

Chief Chilly reappers in this game as the boss of Freezy Fire Tower, in World 5: Glacier Pass

Super Mario: Wart Returns

Chief Chilly appears as the 4th boss in the game.


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