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Chibi Robo 3 is about Chibi-Robo in space.

Characters (Playable)

  • Chibi-Robo
  • Telly Vision
  • Drake Redcast (real hero)
  • Titan
  • Io
  • Ganymede
  • Little Bang
  • Jupiter
  • Orion
  • Giga-Robo
  • The Free Rangers
  • Dyno-Mite
  • Burning Thunder
  • Galbatrive
  • Rocaroll
  • Icetreme
  • Rocinroll
  • Dragon


  • Space Outfit
  • Free Ranger Disguise
  • Power Suit
  • Classic Outfit
  • Truama Suit
  • PERFECT Costume
  • PERFECT Outfit
  • Dyno-mites dynamite suit
  • Shocking fire suit
  • Chaos armor
  • Galbatrives Ultimate suit



  • The PERFECT Costume and the PERFECT Outfit are different. The Costume makes you LOOK perfect. The Outfit makes your stats go to max.

People, can you edit some more?

New Characters

  • Dyno-mite is new. dyno-mite is from a remote planet in the middle of nowhere.When Chibi-robo crashes on his planet he helps Chibi-Robo escape. He also joins Chibi-Robos team to save the galaxy. Weapon: Dynamite 
  • Burning Thunder is new. Burning thunder attacked the free rangers when Chibi-Robo was there.He a trusted lieutenant of Galbatrive. Burning thunder is a Boss. Weapon: Fire sword


  1. Plain world Boss: Rocaroll
  2. Ice world Boss: Icetreme
  3. Forest world Boss: Mega Monkeybot
  4. Dino world Boss: Robo-Rex
  5. Free ranger palace Boss: Burning Thunder
  6. Cliff world  Boss: Rocinroll
  7. Techno world Boss: Mega Chibi-Robo clone
  8. Dragon world Boss: Dragon king
  9. Chaos world Boss: Burning thunder (Chaos armor)
  10. Galbatrives palace Boss: Galbatrive

Outfit powers

  1. Dyno-Mites Dyno Suit- Prevents damage from explosives
  2. Shocking Frie Suit- Anyone that touchs this catches fire
  3. Chaos Armor- Gives x2 power and x2 speed
  4. Galbatrives ultimate suit- x3 power,x3 speed, makes enemys on your side and x10 normal size

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