Chibi (Japanese; ミュートミュートちび, Hepburn; Myutomyuto chibi, Singular Chibi?)is the spiritual successor to Continent. It is a life-simulation game made and developed by SeventhHeaven. The game begins with the player, the main character in your hometown of Passionfruit Pagoda, where they plan to explore the continent.


For the most part of this part of the article, the main character will be referred to as you.

You are a traveller who is now leaving Passionfruit Pagoda, the place you've lived in for many years. It had became your home. However, you soon leave, sorrowfully, saying goodbye to the ones who so kindly adopted you when you arrived at their town. Upon leaving the town, you find a long gravel road, that takes you on a loop of the main cities of the Continent. You decide you are going to take this road around the entire continent. On the way to the first city, you come across a small village called Reiko, where you officially begin your expedition.


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