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Chibi-Robo, all Charged Up!
Universe Chibi-Robo!
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Giga-Robo

Chibi-Robo (ちびロボ, ChibiRobo) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V , revealed at the end of the Smash Bros. Direct on March 6, 2019.

A Chibi-Robo is a robot whose goal is to make people happy. They are designed by Citrusoft. Every Chibi-Robo comes with a Chibi-House shaped like its head. Chibi-Robo are preceded by Giga-Robo, a much larger, similar looking robot also made by Citrusoft, a long time before Chibi-Robo were created. Chibi-Robo have been known to be unable to speak, they can say yes or no using signs. They run on Watts and can be recharged by plugging into an outlet.

It is confirmed to have no alternate costume.



Little lag on his moves

Reliable special attacks


Fast dash speed

Long range grab


Light character meaning he can be KOed earlier

Weak aerial attacks

Few moves with KO power

Weak throws


Chibi Robo can be played both offensively and defensively. It has some really good defensive options. Most of its moves have little lag on them meaning it can attack quick. It has very reliable. For example, its toothbrush can clean up items on the ground and also Inkling’s ink while attacking. It’s block brings out a block which he can stay behind as projectiles are reflected. It also gives him two jumps back in the air. Its dash speed is pretty fast and its grab has nice range to it.

Chibi-Robo is a light character meaning it can be KOed earlier and it has some really weak aerial attacks, throws and few moves with good KO power.

Overall, its gameplay requires a lot of hit and run and when used correctly, it can be something else.

It's plug has a seperate hitbox that does not affect it in any way.


Special Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Chibi-Blaster 6% No charge. Does damage and paralyzes opponent temporarily.
Alternate 1 Rapid Fire Blaster 1% Works very similar to how Fox’s Blaster did in Melee. This means he draws and puts it back fast and it can be jump-canceled. Probably the better one of the 3.
Alternate 2 Heavy Chibi-Blaster 15% Chibi-Robo begins to charge its blaster and it must be fully charged to release a powerful, much larger blast that has large knockback. KOs pretty well.
Side Special Toothbrush 3% (each hit) Chibi-Robo brings out his toothbrush and grazes over the ground/air. Hits multiple times and can be used to recover horizontally in the air as you’re going downwards. A cool effect it has is that it automatically makes Inkling’s ink disappear. It also removes ground items (Bananas, mines etc.)
Alternate 1 Clipper 10%, 26% (full charge attack) Chibi-Robo brings out its clipper in which it attacks opponents with a clip. It’s chargeable and if you charge it you must complete the charge which involves him clipping it multiple times. You can tell when its fully charged and when it is used on opponents, an animation plays where he grabs them with it then clips them up dealing massive damage and knockback and a GUARANTEED OHKO at 120%+. It takes a lot of shield fully charged. It also leaves Chibi-Robo helpless on a freefall if used in midair.
Alternate 2 Squirter Chibi-Robo begins to charge its squirter which works similarly to Mario’s. It has more of a downwards push to it and sends opponents slightly farther than Mario’s.
Up Special Chibi-Copter 2% (each hit) A small copter pops up from Chibi's head and twirls fast, propelling Chibi upwards in a small distance. Anyone who touches the copter will be hit multiple times. It provides small vertical and horizontal recovery
Alternate 1 Block 7% (Block), 1.5x (reflected projectiles) Chibi-Robo takes a block out of its head and drops below him jumping off of it, he automatically gets 2 jumps back if used in midair. Can only be used once in the air and until it disappears on ground. While on ground it reflects projectiles and attacks. The block can be hit around and will disappear (poof away) after some time.
Alternate 2 Bottle 9%, 1% (bottle) Chibi-Robo pulls out a plastic bottle, gets in and shoots out of it in direction inputted. He does damage on contact.
Down Special Charge 30% (spit damage) Chibi-Robo begins to charge up electrical energy by planting it’s plug into the ground. When fully charged, Chibi-Robo will spark with electricity rods. When used after fully charged it lets out a blast of electricity around its body which works similarly to Game and Watch’s 9 Judge. Does nothing if used in the air.
Alternate 1 Grab and Store 1.5x damage (stored projectiles) Chibi-Robo grabs any incoming projectile and stores it in its head for later use as they travel faster and deal more damage. He can also grab and store items. He can store 2 items at a time and only one projectile. Works much like Villager’s except the fact that the throwing animation is a bit slower as it has to take it out of its head. The stored projectiles also do less damage than that of Villager’s pocketed items.
Alternate 2 Victory Telly Telly gets in front of Chibi-Robo quickly and absorbs any projectile sent at it giving the absorbed damage to Chibi-Robo healing it.
Final Smash Giga-Robo 18%, 12% (shockwave) Chibi-Robo calls forth Giga-Robo, a gigantic robot that looks like Chibi-Robo, who stays in one place as it continuously stomps the ground with its enormous legs. Any opponent near the proximity of its legs get buried in the ground as they are constantly stepped on by the huge robot. The stomps' shockwaves also make any airborne opponent to get meteor smashed. Chibi-Robo can move around attacking as the Giga-Robo moves around on its own depending on where most opponents are.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Villager.


SIDE - Telly shoots out confetti as Chibi-Robo celebrates

UP - Points wire forward as an electric current runs through it

DOWN - Telly circles around Chibi-Robo happily

Character Selection Screen Animation

Telly is seen circling Chibi-Robo

On Screen Appearance

Chibi-Robo pops its wire out of a midair socket and looks forward.

Victory Animations

Chibi-Robo drops from its Chibi-Copter and begins celebrating with Telly

Chibi-Robo is seen scrubbing the floor with it’s toothbrush then it looks forward with Telly excited

Chibi-Robo takes out its stereo and begins to “jam out”.

Losing Animation

Chibi-Robo is seen sitting, apparently sad, with Telly at its aid.

Crowd Cheer

“Chi - bi! Ro - bo!”

Victory Theme

Flourished remix of the Funkmaster Flower Training music.

Fighting Stance

Stands straight looking forward swing its hands.

Idle Poses

Swings wire up and down

Telly sits on Chibi-Robo’s head


Simply walks forward with plug draggin on ground.


Chibi-Robo dashes forward holding plug on head.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap


Color Origin/Description
Default Metal Hades's regular appearance
Second Gold A gold plated Chibi-Robo
Third Blue Based off the "Chibi-Aliens"
Fourth Pink Based off Sunshine's coloration
Fifth Red Based off Space Hunter Drake Redcrest’s coloration
Sixth Green Based off the Free Rangers’ coloration
Locked First Black A black chrome-like version of Chibi-Robo. Everything becomes black and shiny, including his wire.
Locked Second Tan and Blue Based off Mort's coloration

Reveal Trailer

To be added.