Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Devastation.

Chibi Robo

Chibi-Robo in SSBDevastation

Chibi-Robo is very helpful! Chibi-Robo was born in Chibi-Robo! Plug into Adventure! in the 2005 so he's fought in the second level of the All-Star Mode.


Chibi-Robo is another unique character: he starts with a full battery but moving, this one discharges and our little robot becomes weaker. Using his down special, he can fill his battery and become even stronger than the normal (Chibi-Robo starts as 50% of battery). Chibi-Robo can also change his Side Special with his Standard Special that changes his "weapon". Chibi-Robo's main flaw is the weight and weak normal attacks. His Smashes aren't very strong and can't KO the opponents well.

  • Weight: 3/10
  • Speed: 6/10
  • Jump: 8/10
  • Throws: 2-9/10 (depends from the battery)

Special Moves

  • Standard: Item Choice. Chibi-Robo can use, in circle, a Toothbrush, a Squirter or a Vacuum Cleaner. Customization: Casual Item/Quick Choice.
  • Side: Item Use. Chibi-Robo uses his item: the Toothbrush attacks near to him and can inflict up to 38% of damage, the Squirter inflicts 3% of damage and can move the opponents and the Vacuum Cleaner inflicts up to 19% of damage and moves away the opponents. Customization: Power Item/Stamina Item
  • Up: Telly. Telly Vision comes and carries Chibi-Robo up. The move can be controlled. Customization: Windy Telly/Slash Propeller.
  • Down: Battery Charge. Chibi-Robo charges his battery. In this status, he can run and jump but not attack. Customization: Solar Battery/Ecological Battery.
  • Final Smash: Extreme Clean. Chibi-Robo can run inflicting damage and being invincible. He can also jump how many times he likes and glide. This move finishes after 30 seconds.
  • Ability: Battery. Chibi-Robo's battery determinates how many damage inflict his attacks: 50% of battery is x1, 25% is x0.5, 0% is x0.1, 75% is x1.5 and 100% is x2.

Technical Facts

  • Air dodge: Brawl
  • Wavedash: no
  • Traction: high
  • Taunt: looks for dirtiness.
  • Entrance: Telly lands with him, then fly away.
  • Weight value: 78


  • Chibi-Robo's palette swap are costumes.

Palette Swap

  • Cleaner Silver (default)
  • Racer Red (Red Team)
  • Sleepy Blue (Blue Team)
  • Frog Green (Green Team)
  • Doggy Black
  • Swimmer Purple
  • Ghost White
  • Super Chibi-Robo

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