Current Age 19
Date of Birth August 12
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Cheddar Claws
First Appearance Cheesy Assault

Chezen, referred to by his family and by his enemies as Chene, is the protagonist of the IP Cheesy Assault. He is a combination of a human and cheddar cheese as a result of a mutation early up in his childhood. Not much is known about him despite his unique abilities.

Chezen's homeworld resides in Zonar of the Zaxinian Lifts.


A long time ago, there were peace between humans and gerbils. However, during an experiment with a scientist only known as Dr. Ine, he turned a gerbil large to test if eating habits change for larger creatures. Taking advantage of the situation, the gerbil swiped the scientist away, then stormed down the lab's wall, escaping. The gerbil managed to convince many others that humans were evil and had the powers to change physical appearance and body structure. Taking note of this, several gerbils took residence in the houses of other humans, awaiting scientists to use them in experiments. After at least four and a half years, there were many different gerbils that have become powerful and destructive, but without humanity's knowledge. However, it was one gerbil that separated itself from all the rest...

This gerbil's name was Tythene. He was an enlarged gerbil that gained access to human speech via many seemingly harmless experiments. He eventually trapped a trio of scientists into telling him about what great secrets lied beyond just enlarging and empowering. To his great amusement, he got what he wanted. Tythene set up a meeting between himself and the other gerbils, and they started planning on what they were going to do with the humans. With plans of war in mind, they set out and immediately attacked everyone and everything, giving no mercy. Those that were left were sent into outer space to go and perish.

However, Chezen was born in a rocket about to launch by his mother as a last ditch effort to preserve humanity. Chezen was pushed off of the rocket into the ground, barely alive. The observing gerbils decided to take the baby in and raise it to be one of mass strength and power, underestimating the size and abilities of a human's brain. However, they decided to punish the baby by mutating it, and if they killed it they wouldn't worry about it. They dipped half of Chezen's body into their least favorite food (and primary weakness), cheese, and were excited by the result: Chezen came out with a cheese coated side, the other side being completely human. To prevent the cheese from going everywhere, they coated Chezen's right in metallic armor to preserve his cheese, then equipped him with an arm cannon. Chezen worked for the gerbils for plenty of years, until one day...

...Whereas he betrayed the gerbils suddenly upon reading human history. Despite how badly they depicted the humans in the writings they've scratched out on the walls, Chezen came to realize that he was a human...and not a gerbil race's slave. He also acknowledged what the humans have done and how cheaply the gerbils have taken over humanity in general. Angered by this, he blasted cheese at everyone in the room he was currently in, then followed up by escaping his home, taking shelter in an outhouse. He looked at himself, and knew that he was possibly the only human left by this point, so he may as well make the best of it. Despite the absence of humans, he was not the only human in the ruins of Zonar...there were still some left. Hardly any, but he was not alone.

Chezen spent a small while escaping the gerbils that destroyed his home world, then barged into what seemed like an abandoned building. He raced down the halls, went down two floors into a basement, then watched as the lights around himself "automatically" turned on. Inside this room, there were two other humans, later identified as Jessica and Romeo. Chezen and his later allies just stared at each other in silence. Then they sat down and began making rather hopeless plans to fight the gerbils and perhaps save the human race. They knew it was going to be a long and enduring battle, but they decided that they better make good time out of what they have.

For the events that took place during Cheesy Assault, see here.

By the end of Cheesy Assault, he has successfully defeated the gerbils, but is now trapped on an isolated island, surrounded by nothing but toxic cheese and dead gerbil skins as well as ruins.  This is his situation now.


Chezen is calm in almost all situations, usually keeping his temper under control, not allowing anyone to downsize him in any way. When he's angered, he is still sort of chill about it, speaking in only a harsher voice and almost nothing else, hardly ever taking his anger out on anyone. His lack of friends and self esteem can mean possible self injuries and lack of motivation, however.

When the Cheddar Power takes over the left side of his mind, he can go out of control and blast cheese everywhere, having robotic thoughts and purposes, only able to break out of this process if Trampoline is said to him. The reason why trampoline is the key word is that the only time he had fun in his life was from bouncing on a trampoline in his childhood.  Said trampoline was destroyed by the gerbil race and deeply angered him as well as scarred his mind, so the memory can never leave his mind no matter what situation he's in.


Physical-wise, Chezen can run pretty fast and jump a little bit higher than the average human. His left side is almost useless and serves as his weak point, the only thing he can do with that side is use any weapon he wishes and think with his mind. His right side however, is much more useful, as it is full on defense and holds a large supply of cheese that can be fueled by drinking radioactive cheese supplied all over Zonar. This cheese is powerful and can kill the mutated gerbils that litter the planet, and it's also sticky and allows for wall walking and even ceiling walking.

The Cheddar Claws that Chezen often has on hand are rather strong.  Upon being slashed at opponents, the claws stick cheese to them and immobilize them momentarily.  A few more swipes usually finish the foes off.  The claws can penetrate into walls and allow Chezen to climb up them easily.

Chezen's left side cannot touch cheese as he will become nothing but cheese if he does so, but if his right side touches cheese he heals. It is best for him to keep this in mind so he can better survive in his world.

Relationship with Other Characters


Chezen and Jessica don't know each other too well but it's been proven that Chezen deeply cares for her safety, as proven when horrified when Tythene took her in his mouth.  While not having an actual crush or the like on her, we know that Chezen has quite the safety measures to keep her away from danger as well, proven further when he rescues her from a burning trap in a fiery city.


Chezen and Romeo don't really get along all that well.  While Chezen is all for brains and ideal plans against the evil gerbils, Romeo is all about brawn and wants to simply destroy them as fast as possible without any necessarily planning.  To top it off, neither of them care enough for each other to rescue the other when they were about to die in Regal Ruin, and it was only fortunate when Jessica saved them both.



  • While stupid, the idea for Chezen was created off of his creator's obsession with cheeseballs.  However, there is nothing about Chezen that directly relates to cheeseballs as Chezen relates much more to actual cheese, specifically cheddar.

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