The Chestnut King is the supposed main villain in the game, Paper Luigi. Luigi believes he is the one who has kidnapped Princess Eclair, but he soon finds out he is wrong.

Game Appearances

Paper Luigi

In Paper Luigi, the Chestnut King plays as the primary antagonist for the first portion of the game, in which he has abducted Princess Eclair in hopes of marrying her. Later, however, both of them, alongside Princess Daisy, get kidnapped by King Boo.

NRL Player

The Chestnut King is a player on the Luigi Sidekicks team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is an average player with above average strength and below average skill. His special skill is to throw chestnuts for extended tackling.

Villain... or not?

In Paper Luigi: The Thousand-Year Compass, the Chestnut King is believed to be the kidnapper of Princess Eclair. As Luigi progresses through the game, the Chestnut King tries to hamper his progress in his search for the Marvelous Compass pieces. In the end, it is revealed that he was only being controlled by Crepe.

Other appearances

In Super Princess Peach Wii, Peach enters the world of Super Paper Luigi in Area 5 and has to fight the Chestnut King with Luigi.

In Paper Bleck, there is a poster of the Chestnut King in every shop or minigame house.

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