Chess Crushers
Developer(s) Rowdy Rocker
Publisher(s) Atlus
Platform(s) Nintendo Gamecube
Playstation 2
Release Date(s)
Nintendo Gamecube
25px-Flag of USA June 8, 2002
25px-Flag of Europe June 13, 2002
25px-Flag of Japan January 15, 2003
25px-Flag of Australia March 9, 2004
Playstation 2 / Xbox
25px-Flag of USA February 9, 2002
25px-Flag of Europe February 13, 2002
25px-Flag of Japan February 15, 2002
25px-Flag of Australia March 15, 2005
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
ERating7RatingCERO A
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Series Chess Crushers series
Successor Chess Crushers: The Second War
Media Included Game Disk

Chess Crushers is the first game of the Chess Crushers series, released for all the major 6th generation consoles, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox and Playstation 2. The game is a beat 'em up with some RPG elements. Chess Crushers is going to have a remake to the 8th generation consoles named Chess Crushers Again!.

The game tells the story of the Pawn No. 1 who is going to turn into a member of the White Kingdom's Army as a knight, when suddenly everyone from the White Kingdom's Army is kidnapped by the Black Kingdom, now the Pawn No. 1 must save them. After beating the game once, the player unlocks a "What If" scenario, reversing the roles of the White Kingdom and the Black Kingdom.




White Kingdom

Character Starting Level Description Unlocked After...
Pawn No. 1 Lv. 1 A heroic pawn who saved his kingdom once and now must save his kingdom once again. No. 1 doesn't have any magical attacks. Starter
Pawn No. 2 Lv. 3 A coward pawn who is scared of everything or everyone. He, however, attack when he is on low health. Stage 1: The Burned Forest
Pawn No. 3 Lv. 5 A pawn who wields a powerful blade which can cut almost anything. However he is very slow due the sword. Stage 2: Crystal Cave
Pawn No. 4 Lv. 7 A pawn who is learning to use magic. He can only use fire spells. Stage 3: Blazing Volcano
Pawn No. 5 Lv. 9 A pawn who is learning to use magic. He can only use water spells. Stage 4: Underseas
Pawn No. 6 Lv. 11 A pawn who is learning to use magic. He can only use electric spells. Stage 5: Storming At The Castle
Pawn No. 7 Lv. 13 A pawn who teaches magic to the other ones. He can use all type of spells. Stage 6: Fantasia Live
Pawn No. 8 Lv. 15 A pawn who uses a cannon as his main weapon. Stage 7: Like A War
Knight No. 1 Lv. 17 The most oldest team member, he uses a sharp old blade. Stage 8: Old Times
Knight No. 2 Lv. 19 The youngest team member, he uses a small dagger. Stage 9: Young Times
Rook No. 1 Lv. 21 The stone wall, the team member with highest defense. Stage 10: Wall Street
Rook No. 2 Lv. 23 The brick wall, the team member with lowest defense. Stage 11: Berlon
Bishop No. 1 Lv. 25 The most powerful wizard of the White Kingdom, he uses all type of spells. Stage 12: Fantasia Live... Again
Bishop No. 2 Lv. 27 The second most powerful wizard of the White Kingdom, he uses all type of spells, faster than No. 1 but somehow deals less damage. Stage 13: Fantasia Live... Again, Seriously?
White King Lv. 30 The king of the White Kingdom, he uses all types of melee moves. Stage 14: The Grand Finale...?
White Queen Lv. 30 The queen of the White Kingdom, she uses all type of magic spells. Stage 14: The Grand Finale...?

Black Kingdom

Character Element Description Stage
Blazing Pawn Fire The pawn who literally got burned into a volcano and now uses the power of fire. The Burned Forest
Aqua Pawn Water The pawn created by mermaids who learn the power of controlling water. Crystal Cave
Shock Pawn Electricty A pawn who got shocked by eletric wires when he was little, now masters the power of electricty. Blazing Volcano
Shadow Pawn Darkness A pawn obsessed with evil. He uses dark magic as his main ability. Underseas
Captain Bishop Fire
The fusion form of the Blazing Pawn, Aqua Pawn, Shock Pawn and Shadow Pawn. Storming at the Castle
Black Knight Darkness A powerful knight possesed by evil. Fantasia Live
Twin Rooks Melee Two powerful rooks who learned the tricks of Chess-Fu. Like a War
Bishop Bros. Fire
Two powerful bishops who created the Yin-Yang. Old Times




Attack Element Description
Punch CCNormal A normal punch.
Fire Punch CCFireSymbol Throws a powerful fiery punch.
Big Bang Punch CCExplosion A punch that causes many explosions to appear when the player attacks the enemy.


There's 25 spells available.

Attack Element Description
Shock Shield CCParalyze Reflects any type of melee attack and paraylzes the enemy.
Needle Cannon CCNeedle Shoots 5 needles from a cannon.
Anime Beam CCBeam Shoots a powerful beam.
Fuzzy Feeling CCConfusion Confuses the opponent.
Lights Out CCDarkness Makes the enemies blind.





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