Cherry is a fantasy sci-fi role-playing game developed by InukaneStudios in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Developed by InukaneYumiko and based on St. Francis Preaches to the Birds by Giotto, the story centers around a thirteen year-old boy named Cherry, who, due to experiments with avian DNA, was born with wings. His goal is to evade scientists and certain creatures from PURGATORY, all while keeping his wings a secret from his crush, Pineapple.

The game received mixed reviews. Although the graphics were amazing for the time and it was an inflluential RPG, everyone hated the fruit-naming of the characters. Despite this, a sequel was made in 1990 named Pineapple, following the adventures of Cherry's crush.


Players could use the control pad to move around, and could press A to use their current weapon. Select was used to open a menu to select items with the control pad and A, and Start was used to pause the game. B didn't do anything on its own, but pressing it with the control pad made Cherry run. A and B pressed together when facing an enemy would pause all game action and describe the enemy.



  • Cherry is the titular protagonist of the game. While he was developing in the womb, he was repeatedly experimented on so that he was born with wings. At the start of the game, Cherry is thirteen years old and doesn't go to school. Although an avid flyer and a solid fighter, he is terrible at talking with other people.
  • Mango is the leader of a team of scientists. Her goal is to capture Cherry and optimize his avian features. She experimented on herself once, thus having a high-tech gun in place of her right hand. She is never seen without her lab coat.
  • Pineapple is a smart, shy seventh grader who lives in Wyoming. In an incident when Cherry is hit with one of Mango's bullets, Pineapple saves him. Since then, their friendship has grown into Cherry crushing on Pineapple. However, Cherry is scared of her seeing his wings and asking her out on a date.
  • Lime is an artificial intelligence implanted in Cherry at birth, but she hasn't revealed herself to him until he turned twelve. She helps Cherry on his missions, and also has an internal dictionary of all the monsters of PURGATORY and the scientists and experiments of Mango's lab. Lime thinks that a love-life with Pineapple will make Cherry more vulnerable to the people who want to kidnap him.
  • Pomegranate is the Queen of the Honeybees, a human/bee fantasy hybrid that rules PURGATORY. She rules with great selflessness over the land, but thinks Cherry has great potential to defend PURGATORY from HELL. Even though she knows kidnapping is wrong, Pomegranate will do anything to protect her kingdom.

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