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Chelsea & Potter
Full Name Chelsea
Current Age 10

14 (forward)

Gender Female
Location Wizard Wonder
Class Witch
Main Weapon(s) Wand/Magic
Element(s) Nornal
First Appearance Mario Wizard Wonder
Latest Appearance Mario All-Star Baseball 2
Chelsea is a ten-year old to fourteen, good witch and a student at Spell Academy. She is a good friend, Melanie who is also a wizard in training at Spell Academy. She had met Mario after he was blow into Wizard Wonders.

Chelsea's pet is Potter who bears a strong resemblance to a puppy.


Phyiscal Appearance

Chelsea has a resemblance to Rosalina. Chelsea has long hair in the color of bright orange with a large bang covering her right eye. Similar to Princess Daisy, her eyes are large and ceye color is blue with three eyelashes coming down. Chelsea

As a fourteen year old


She is a smart and cheerful child who has a kind heart towards others. She is known to be a spirited go-getter. Chelsea is also a bit of a tomboy for her energetic personality in sports.

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