Full Name Chelimax
Current Age [immortal]
Date of Birth July 20th
Gender Male
Species Unclear
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Height 8'11"
Weight 294 lbs
First Appearance The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold: Some Kind of Monster
Chelimax (preferring the name "Ludro") is one of the primary antagonists of the Zaxinian Lifts timeline, chronologically appearing first in The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold comic but officially debuting somewhere in the second phase. His DNA is that of an old man, a muscular young man, and an alligator snapping turtle, having been created by Silver Zin to demonstrate his DNA manipulation abilities. Having gained Silver's immortal trait, however, he was able to outlast the whole transitioning of Zaxina into the Lifts. He first appeared to the public under the rule of Mallory, having unexpectedly joined her as a secondary assistant and accompanying Glain.

Chelimax is known to be wisecracking, strongly abled in the field of magic, and talented in a wide amount of fields, but is hated upon for being intentionally annoying and being highly aggressive to anyone who disagrees with anything he says. Unlike the majority of evil characters in the Zaxinian Lifts, who feel like they have actual reasons to be the way they are, Chelimax is simply evil for the sake of shocking others and for sadistic levels of fun. He has implied several times that he helped perfect Mallory's abilities so she could take the Lifts just so he could see something creative.


Of all the residents in the Zaxinian Lifts, it is generally agreed that Chelimax is quite a jerk and deserves no empathy for anything he does. He is a cleverly spoken man, usually speaking in one-liners and always trying to crack a joke every three or four sentences he says. Yet, his jokes are rude and usually politically incorrect and are often filled to the brim with insults, both subtle and obvious ones. He is very outspoken with what he says and never holds anything back, even if it's a wiser idea to hold something back on his behalf. He doesn't care about burning bridges and is ready to burn any he has within seconds. He does show some hesitation when it comes to killing or hurting, but only because he doesn't want to waste time doing harm when he could be scheming.

Chelimax is widely known for his poor views on Zaxinian politics, speaking with a conservative point of view and saying a lot of "trash" that results in him getting widely unpopular with other residents. He is notable for speaking only the honest truth, however, never telling a lie and always being honest with his audience. He refuses to play dirty as "there's no fun if you're not being clean". He has often been seen torturing others that go against any of his "white supremacist" views and openly criticizing anyone who criticizes him beforehand, with each of these posing as poor jokes. He has gained hatred from even Mallory on occasion.


Unlike most magic users in the Zaxinian Lifts, Chelimax actually specializes in physical combat. Despite looking elderly, the muscles he has are still strong enough to let him pierce through bone and tear books vertically and run at above-average speeds for usual human standards. He also has a very powerful bite that can allow him to amputate others' fingers, or in specific cases, limbs. Using the massive turtle shell he wears on his back, when he runs he can crouch and slide on the ground in a dashing manner, sliding into and cutting beings in his way. His shell can perfectly block physical projectiles and weaken others' magic attacks. Many of his attacks actually specialize in the act of amputation and give him a strong advantage against foes that aren't quite ready for it.

Chelimax also is really experienced with magic, although his spells are more standard than most others. When Chelimax fires spells, they usually just weaken different systems in the body so that they hinder the chances of the foe beating him. He is specifically known for directly attacking the immune and nervous systems. He can also generate and drain water, which can set him up in all sorts of different ways in battle. If he's in a water-filled arena, he can drift across the water while in his shell and fire strong ammo out of turrets located in his shell and swim around relatively fast. In the water is where he has his most speed, moving faster in the water than on land.



  • He was based on Ludro, a character from the Adventures of White wiki, albeit extremely revamped.
    • He is also the last major character out of Athena's characters to officially become part of the Zaxinian Lifts.

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