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Cheese Cryptors (series)
Cheese Cryptor Logo
The logo (with help from Baby Yoshi)
Developer(s) Pika Productions
Publisher(s) Logo
First Game Cheese Cryptors
The Cheese Cryptor series is an original series by Pika Productions. The first game in the series, Cheese Cryptors, is an adventure game and also Pika Productions' first game. A demo was released the day before Pika Productions was made in order to announce this new series.


All the characters that have appeared so far in the series.

Image Name Description First Appearance
SwissArt Swiss Swiss is the main character in the series. He is on a quest to stop Kryptor, the main villain, from stealing all the cheese and (more important) cheese cryptors. Also, he doesn't have any eyeballs. Cheese Cryptors
Dog Chedd Chedd is Swiss' pet dog and also the second main hero. He always tags along with Swiss and loves the feel of adventure--or cheese biscuits. Eating one doubles his health. Cheese Cryptors
FredArt Fred Fred is Swiss' best friend. He loves to travel with Swiss, but had gotten kidnapped by The Crazed Cryptors. He tends to slip in between cracks that not even Chedd can reach. He always annoys Swiss, and always refrences comics, even when Swiss says that he is a comic! Cheese Cryptors
KryptorBasicArt Kryptor Kryptor is the main villain in the series. He hated that he had a different head from every other cryptor (which is a really odd hate), so he decided to steal all the cheese and cheese cryptors (Swiss and Chedd got away). He also has no eyes, like Swiss. Cheese Cryptors


Cheese Cryptors-- The first game in the series. It stars Swiss, Chedd, and also Fred on a quest to stop Kryptor.

Untitled new game for Series Swap Day 4

Electric Enterprises
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Epic Warriors 2nd Priority

Nintendo RACEWAY 3rd Priority

Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity '4th Priority

Bagon Bacon: The Game 5th Priority

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Cheese Cryptors

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