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Thanks for reading Cheese Cryptors, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

Cheese Cryptor Logo
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) FantyWeenZeroThousandTwelveMonobook
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
December 22, 2012
Single player; 1-4 player via ElectroConnect
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Advnture, 3D Platformer
Media Included 3DS Cartridge
Cheese Cryptors is an adventure/3D platformer by Electric Enterprises. It is the first game in the Cheese Cryptor series. This game has a confirmed release for December 22, 2012. This game utilizes ElectroConnect, letting up to four players go through a co-op adventure, or play mini games and a vs. battle.

This game stars Swiss McHoley going on a journey to save the entire universe of dairy: the Cheeseverse. He has multiple companions, such as Chedd, his loyal dog.


The game is a 3D platformer, like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. You play as Swiss, entering magical village homes that can transport you to world that have 4 levels each. You can use the touch screen to actually rearrange the environment, such as rapidly tapping to chop down a tree or sliding the stylus upwards to actually make a tree. Also, similar to NSMBU, you can tap in spots to create Boost Pads to jump on.

In multiplayer mode, you can access many mini-games. There is also a feature called 'Vs. Battles'. You can fight each other in a match with specific rules. There is also a mode called 'Boss Runners'. You and others defeat boss after boss, gaining points for each portion of health you decrease. Also, there is 'Co-op Adventure'. You play, with up to four players, adventure mode with multiple players. It only affects the host's file. Finally, there's 'Adventure Rush'. You play five levels with a strict time limit and try to compete with friends.



In the lab of the mysterious Dr. Kryptor, a discovery was happening. He had created a ray that could combine two objects; in this case: cheese and an actual being. His name was Legmit McHoley, and the doctor had captured him. Kryptor set his laser and fired at Legmit and the cheese. The lab became filled with smoke. When it cleared, Kryptor's ray turned out to be a success! Legmit's head became fully transformed into a slice of swiss cheese. For some weird reason, his body became a blue stick-figure like body. Kryptor realized that he could rule the whole universe, but Legmit broke out of his chains. He destroyed the professor using his new strengths. He returned to his hometown, the Village.

When Legmit arrived, he was shocked to see so many townsfolk turned into Cheese Cryptors. He noticed that he'd just fit right in. He noticed that they renamed the town 'Cheese Village', which made sense. Some people gave Legmit the nickname, Swiss. He decided it was a pretty good name, and he walked around the village. He found the mayor in a panic, informing Swiss that City Hall has a door inside that leads to another part of the Cheeseverse. Swiss decided to check out this new area. He found that he could explore it four times, in order to gain Power Cheeses. They would bring the Cheese Village and the rest of the universe back to normal.

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