First rule of Cryptor School: Never eat yourself--especially not in class, Billy!!
Cheese Cryptor, Cheese Cryptors (Game)

A Cheese Cryptor is the main species in the Cheese Cryptor series.
Cheese Cryptor

A simple image of a cheese cryptor.

It is basically a piece of cheese with a stick figure-like body.

Game Appearances

Cheese Cryptors

In the game with the same name as the cryptor, it marks its first appearance. Most cheese cryptors are the main enemies, but there are a few good, playable cryptors.

Notable Cryptors


One notable cryptor was a scientist named Dr. Chead Revenous (sometimes called Dr. Cheadder). He was working on an experiment to make a human being a stick figure while eating some cheese. Suddenly, the cheese slipped out of his hands and into the experiment. The machine rumbled, and Cheadder tried to escape, but he couldn't. The Dr. got caught in the explosion, and smoke filled the entire lab. Suddenly, he looked at his body. It was blue and a stick figure! He scratched his head, but when he did that, he realised his head was made of cheese! He began to make many minions in that same process.

That, and SuperDuperMarioKirby just thought of 'em.


  • Cheese cryptors have a lack of eyes and a mouth. In which case, it is wondered how they can see and speak.

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