Boss: Cheepskipper

is a species of Cheep-Cheep that is the castle boss of World 3 in New Super Mario Bros Adventure and a tower boss of Wold 4 in New Super Mario Heroes U. It appears to be a giant purple Cheep-Cheep with a white underbelly. It also has yellow spots, a yellow fin, and two sharp and giant fangs. Cheepskipper attacks at first by jumping out of the water and bouncing once on the bridge and back into the water. Cheepskipper always bounces out from right to left. When Cheepskipper jumps out, Mario or Luigi have their chance of jumping on it to attack it. After jumping on it three times, Cheepskipper is defeated.


New Super Mario Brothers 3-D

Cheepskipper is a regular enemy in the boss battle against Queen Cheep Cheep in World 3. When told to, he (Alongside three Mini Cheep Cheeps) will jump out of the water, defeated if jumped on. Beating the army successfully unlocks World 5.