Cheep-Cheep Mario
Cheep-Cheep Mario's basic appearance.
Original Character(s) Mario, Luigi, Peach,
Achieved By Cheep-Cheep Suit
Forfeited By Taking damage
First Appearance Super Mario 3Dimensional
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3Dimensional
Main Ability/ies
Good Swimming, using velocity when jumping out of water.

Cheep-Cheep Mario is one of the many forms Mario can turn into, and is obtained by touching a Cheep-Cheep Suit. It first debuts in Super Mario 3Dimensional.


Cheep-Cheep Mario's appearance is based off of a Cheep-Cheep. When in this form Mario's hat gains a Mohawk and two Cheep-Cheep-like eyes in place of the emblem. Mario also gains fans that help propel him through water, each attached by a gem. Mario's overalls gain a magenta color and he also gains some kind of white underbelly. Mario also gains a tail of a Cheep-Cheep and flippers also to help him swim.


When in this form, Mario can swim drastically better than his last form and is able to swim in all directions with ease. His strokes and swimming become faster but only as fast as desired. Cheep-Cheep Mario's main way of attacking is to jump out of water about to the top of the screen using velocity to defeat enemies touching him. Though the velocity and height is only great if the player moves toward the surface and then jumps. Mario however due to his flippers cannot move as fast on land.