Cheeky Nando's Mario
Cheeky nandos mario
Gender Male
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status With the lads
Class Cheeky
Family and Relations
Luigi (Lad), Toad (Lad), Peach (Bae)
Main Weapon(s) Banter
Ability/ies Cheekiness
Vulnerable To KFC

Cheeky Nando's Mario is another form of Mario, after eating at Nando's.


When in Cheeky Nando's mode, Mario wears an orange hat and shirt, with red overalls with grey buttons. The orange colour is to represent the cheekiness of the Nando's, whereas the red cheekily connotes Nando's spicy meals. His hat also has the Nando's logo instead of the standard letter "M". Mario's eyes sometimes change colour and become orange, but only when his meal at Nando's was extra cheeky.


It is a well known fact that Nando's provide top quality cheeky chicken, after eating a Nando's, Mario can get a bit cheeky. When with his friends, Cheeky Nando's Mario is known to have top class banter.


After eating a piping hot plate of good old Cheeky Nando's, Mario has the ability to create top class banter, which will create a good relationship with the enemies, meaning that they join Mario's side and let him past instead of trying to kill him. What a lad.


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Super Fighting World

Cheeky Nando's Mario appears as an assist in Super Fighting World. He follows the opponents and makes them laugh uncontrollably, providing the summoner a chance to attack.