Check Mii Out + is a downloadable MiiShop game that operates like the Nintendo WIi's Check Mii Out channel. It will be released in January for free on the Nintendo Wii Mii's MiiShop.


In Check Mii Out +, you create Miis and upload them to the software for everybody to see. Now, people can rate your Mii (and comment on it, thanks to the power of MIIVERSE!). You can Miis shared by other people to your Mii collection (and use it in games, too!). You can also bring it to the 'Check Mii Out Plaza', an easy place to check what Miis you've gotten, from whom you have gotten that Mii and when you have gotten that Mii. If you click on the Mii it's profile will show up, showing all of the games you have used it with.

Every week, new challenges are put out asking you to make certain Miis. For example, one week the challenge could be 'Make a Mario Mii!'. The winner is chosen by the end of the week, and also by the end of the week is the 'Winner Countdown,' where the top one-hundred Miis are each in the spotlight for a few seconds. Eventually the person in first place will be shown off. Hey, it could be you!

There are two challenges every week. One will go on for two weeks while the other will go on for just one. The one that goes on for two weeks is always fairly challenging (for example, it could be 'Make a Mii where the facial features are completely centered!'). You should be lucky that challenges like that go on for more than just a week.

Additionally, at the end of each year (starting on December 18, ending on December 31rst), there will be an extra hard challenge, with the reward being more than just time in the spotlight. $50 worth of MiiShop credit will be rewarded to the sole winner of the "Year's-End Challenge"! This years "Year's-End Challenge" is . . .

'Create Nintendo's Newest Intern as a Mii- You've Never Seen Him Before!!"

The closest person wins.