Cheater Shroob appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs whenever you accidentally or just enter a cheat, he appears as enemy and you have to defeat him. He can also use cheats set in the game.

Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs

Cheater Shroob.

Cheater Shroob
Location All
HP ?
Power ?
Defense ?
Speed ?
Experience ?
Coins ?
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Cheater Shroob

Cheat Shroob

Another type of Cheater Shroob is Cheat Shroob,the ultimate Cheater Shroob.He is encountered at Near-Castle Zone and he is optional.But when he fights.he looks like a normal Cheater Shroob,but his skin isn't rosa,but green.He uses his cheating ability to raise his attack and health,he can raise his speed and get badges out of nowhere.He can make his ray gun blast homing,super-sonic or faster then light.He can also grab your own projectiles and throw them back.Cheat Shroob can use all of normal Cheater Shroob cheating abilities,but stronger and at the max and even beyond and advanced cheating beyond Cheater Shroob cheating.After you defeat him,however he simply runs away to his Cheater Saucerer and escapes.